What are GSM Phones and Wholesale GSM Cell Phones

Wholesale GSM Cell Phones

Cell phones are an integral part of human life, allowing communities to stay connected with friends, family and business associates from around the globe. Millions of text are being fired off daily, billions of voice calls are being answered voice, thousands of people are using their cell phones to surf the web. Even if the basics aren’t enough, today’s smart phones also provide GPS, interactive games, entertaining videos, a rich selection of music, and a continuous connection to the Internet. In the wireless industry it is crucial for one to do their due-diligence when ready to purchase their wholesale GSM cell phones.

What is GSM?

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is today’s most reliable technology available in most of todays’s cell phones marketplace. GSM provides integrated high-speed data, voicemail, paging, faxing, and short-message services, and GSM offers unparalleled call privacy at the same time deterring fraud. With the purchase of GSM wholesale cell phones your customers will be able to fulfill their array of needs when it comes to mobile communication.

Because GSM cell phones connect your customers to their friends and family around the world, there is no need to rent a separate phone for most trips abroad, except in countries where a specific SIM card is required. GSM cell phones operate on a global on a multiple spectrum frequency of 1900MHz for North America, 900MHz to 1800MHz for other locations.

What to watch out for when buying wholesale GSM cell phones

Know your customers, know your customers local telephony environment, what will they need for from a phone:

° Dual band – phones that service Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and most of South America.

° Tri-band phones work on 3 frequencies: 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz, this means they can be used in Europe, Asia, Africa, most of North America, New Zealand and Australia.

° Quad-bad phones (for the global-trekker) this allow you to roam almost anywhere in the world, since they cover 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands.

Right now there are around 700 GSM mobile networks within 220 countries, which account for over 85% of all global cell phone communications. What is impressive is the staggering numbers of mobile users in the world: there are more than 2 billion people on GSM cell phones worldwide. Evidently China leads with over 400 million, Russia is in second with over 150 million. Though not everyone is using GSM cell phones (they are most likely using CDMA, another form for Cellular connectivity), but the GSM trends is growing and GSM cell phones will become the norm.

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