How, Who to buy cell phones, cell phones accessories from?

If you have a cell phone retail store you know it is hard work to find that right wholesale supplier you can work with, and most important of all, trust! Fraud is a sad but prolific reality ruining the way honest retailers and distributors work together. Fortunately there are ways to find that verified wholesale distributor.

Online Resources: is an online community where wholesalers, distributors and buyers can come together to trade their products. Users need get verified via email, address and/or phone. This helps insure buyer confidence by having do part of the verification process for them. goes another step further and adds a seal to those distributors or buyers that have a premium membership. A seal denotes real buyers and distributors wanting to show the industry they wish to conduct business honestly and ethically. is a consumer electronic wholesale buyers magazine / guide. All advertisers in the magazine have been verified. These companies sign a 6 to 12 month advertising contract to assure a monetary investment for their companies. All companies have their addresses confirmed, warehouse location, and phone number. These cell phone wholesalers advertise in the magazine to be leaders and honest suppliers in the industry, and they wish to stand out from those that may wish to harm the industry by fraud. also offers verified distributors (the advertisers) to post on’s forum in either a Spanish or English section. You may also see a list of cell phone wholesalers and mobile phone accessory distributors. is another trading floor community where buyers can see daily deals that the wholesalers are offering. Buyers and Sellers can signup for free and list ten deals per day. There isn’t alot of verification here but it’s a good site to see daily deals. You’ll just have to verify the company yourself.