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3 Tips for a Trade Show Exhibitor| Trade Show ettiquete

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You’ve chosen the perfect booth, designed the booth layout, rolled out your pre-event marketing campaigns, informed your clients to visit you at Booth #2175 (this is Comprar Magazine‘s booth for CTIA 2015), booked quality models and booth staff,  you did everything right for this particular event. But on the days of the event there might be a few snafus that may make all that planning and prepping poof away in a cloud of regret.

Expos are a visual experience. The brightest, biggest and prettiest (models) booths always seem to garner the most attention. That’s why if you have a small booth you have to make every interaction count. Here are few things one should do as an exhibitor to get a better return on investment.

1. Make Eye Contact


Probably the worst thing to do during a trade show is to not look at someone in the eyes when they walk by. Making eye contact is like an ice breaker during these events. Both exhibitors and visitors are strangers, locking eyes signify an acknowledgment of presence and a reason to greet each other. This gives the exhibitor the chance to draw the attendee closer to the booth table and explain how awesome their product or service is. Averting or ignoring a passerby is just plain stupid; every person on that show floor is a potential customer, show him or her the respect of looking them in the eyes and you just might gain a new client.

2. Don’t Eat at the Booth (unless really necessary)


Eating in public can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, don’t call attention to it by unnecessarily gobbling your tacos in front of potential customers. This just makes both parties feel awkward, and in the long run you just probably lost a few customers while you stuffed your face with nachos. I for one try to limit my mouth stuffing in the booth as much as possible during events. I only do it if I’m the only one manning the booth or my associate is away walking the floor and I am completely starving!!  I at least try to eat that expensive convention food as quick as possible and look away from show floor, pretending I’m busy organizing papers or doing something really important and mysterious behind the table.

3. Don’t Just Sit There!


Stand up. Yes, the hours may be long and your shoes are probably not the most comfortable but make yourself available to attendees. Body language is a key factor during trade shows. Standing keeps you alert, and literally, on your feet, it gives the visitor the impression that you are ready and willing to help them with any answer or business opportunity. Sitting only makes you look like you don’t really want to be there and this gives the attendee the allusion that you just might not be the right company or person they want to do business with.

Above are only a few examples of things one should do as an exhibitor to have a successful show experience. You should always use common sense when dealing with potential clients and you should always be in good behavior to rightfully represent your company.

If you happen to see Comprar Magazine in Vegas this September for CTIA Super Mobility Week, please say “hi”, we’d like to meet you. Also, you may bump into one of our models at Maxwest‘s booth, be sure to greet her; she’ll be able to invite you to promote your business on Comprar Magazine’s network of trusted distributors.

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