AMD Cancels Warranty for Threadripper 7000 CPUs if Overclocked: What You Need to Know

AMD Cancels Warranty for Threadripper 7000 CPUs if Overclocked: What You Need to Know

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AMD anula la garantía de sus CPU Threadripper 7000 si se les hace overclock

Traditionally, both AMD and Intel have not officially covered overclocking within their warranties. However, this changes in some specific cases, such as the extra warranty (paid) that Intel offered for its X or K CPUs, where overclocking and processor death were covered after payment. Although in the majority of cases, they have turned a blind eye and accepted RMAs, AMD has gone a step further with this matter; stating that if you overclock a Threadripper 7000, your warranty will be void, and they will have proof.

AMD is getting serious about avoiding overclocking practices in order to maximize the performance of their high-end, and more expensive, CPUs on PCs. And they have a clever way of doing it.

Overclocking Ryzen Threadripper 7000? Okay, but at your own risk and knowing that AMD will not guarantee the CPU

AMD will be able to prove it. Regardless of what you say, your word will not be sufficient, because it has been discovered and verified by two different sources that although the platform, motherboards, and processors can freely overclock, AMD warns about the warranty.

The TRX50 has support for PBO 2 and a specific OC mode; everything is ready. However, if you decide to access it, the first thing you will find is a warning text on screen explaining precisely what will happen:


Operating your AMD processor outside of specifications or above factory configuration, including but not limited to overclocking and undervolting, can damage or shorten the lifespan of your processor or other system components, create system instabilities (such as data loss and damaged images), and, in extreme cases, lead to total system failure. AMD does not provide support or service for problems or damages related to using an AMD processor outside of the processor’s specifications or exceeding factory configuration.

We have probably read this many times, where they talk about the warranty itself, and the fact that overclocking or undervolting is a reason not to provide support or technical service from AMD, which is normal, but it’s not all…

The message and the brand that change everything

After this and accepting what has been said, we will have a second, much more straightforward, short, and concise message, which specifically says the following:

!!!CAUTION!!! AMD Processors Disclaimer: The overclocking mode will now be permanently enabled for this processor and will effectively void the warranty as previously indicated.

Obviously, if we accept it, goodbye warranty. But how could AMD know this? They could never do it before; why would it be different now? Well, because in this particular case, accepting this message implies a permanent registration in the CPU that internally labels it as used for overclocking, thus voiding the Threadripper 7000’s warranty.

There is talk of a “permanent fuse” in the CPU, which AMD can easily verify through software, but nothing more is mentioned for now. The problem, of course, is whether this applies to PCs or just workstation systems.

In conclusion, it must be mentioned that this affects both the WRX90 and TRX50 platforms, as well as the PRO and non-PRO processors. It is important to remember that, in general, activating PBO on any AMD CPU directly voids the warranty, as stated by AMD in their datasheets.

In the case of the Threadripper 7000, it can be somewhat understandable considering their price, purpose, and power consumption. However, with desktop systems, we seem to be heading in the same direction, albeit considering the differences in performance and general purpose, mainly for gaming or office work.

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