Apple to Launch Foldable iPhone and iPad in 2027: Discover the OLED Screen Manufacturer and Durability Expectations

Apple to Launch Foldable iPhone and iPad in 2027: Discover the OLED Screen Manufacturer and Durability Expectations

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Apple lanzará iPhone y iPad plegables en 2027, ¿quién fabricará sus pantallas OLED y con qué durabilidad?

When Apple releases a new device, the expectations surrounding it are very high. The company has always stood out whenever it launches something new because, in one way or another, it manages to innovate and offer something different from the rest. While foldable Android phones have been around for a few years, we have not yet seen foldable iPhones. There is still some time before a foldable iPhone hits the market, but it is now revealed that Samsung Display and LG Display will work together to bring Apple’s foldable iPhones and other devices to life.

Rumors began about five years ago that Apple was going to design a foldable iPhone to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Z and other similar smartphones. Screens in this format are very useful, as they allow for more inches on a mobile device while occupying virtually the same space (although the thickness increases). Foldable phones have not become very popular due to their high cost and their functions being the same as a regular smartphone.

Samsung and LG Display will be working on Apple’s first foldable devices. Both companies are currently working on projects for Apple’s foldable products, including 20.25-inch displays. The release of Apple’s first foldable device is expected to be in 2027.

Foldable smartphones may not change the world, but if improvements continue and prices decrease, they could become a new trend. We’ve gone from having small-screen mobile phones that fit in a pocket to smartphones with screen sizes similar to some tablets. Apple is willing to take on the challenge of producing iPhones and other devices with flexible screens, but it will not do it alone. To develop all of the company’s foldable products, including the anticipated foldable iPhone, Apple will enlist the help of Samsung Display and LG Display.

These firms will reportedly work together to supply the components and bring Apple’s projects to life. They will also be developing “20.25-inch screens,” although it is unclear whether these will be for MacBook Pros or iPads. Keep in mind that, being foldable, they occupy less space. We have seen examples of laptops with sliding OLED screens that increased in size with the push of a button.

Although a foldable iPhone launch is expected, 2027 could be the year it becomes a reality. Samsung Display, the leading OLED panel company, provides foldable smartphone displays for the company. In 2019, they released their first foldable model, and today, they are on the fifth generation. We are confident that Apple will eventually release a foldable iPhone, as patents have been registered on numerous occasions. This led to leakers such as Kuo stating that Apple could launch a foldable iPhone in 2024 or 2025. While these dates haven’t been ruled out, other mentions of product launches that never materialized have occurred.

For example, in 2018, it was predicted that foldable devices would be released in 2020, and later in 2023, but both predictions never came true. Therefore, it is unlikely that a foldable device will be released in 2025, and it is expected that Apple’s first foldable device will arrive much later, in 2027. This would coincide with the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, potentially aligning the events.

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