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I write this in preparation for the upcoming CTIA Super Mobility Week that will occur on Sept. 9-11 in Las Vegas. I write this with a persistent din of background brain noise.

When’s the next pre-event email blast supposed to go out? 

Is the address on the shipping labels correct?

Hotel booked?


…and the noise goes on and on and on. It goes on even during long conversations with my wife about weekend plans and son’s doctor visits.

This noise is making me B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

So I write this now as a way to vent and a way to remind me of what I need, as an exhibitor of CTIA, to prepare for the visitors of said exposition.

Visitors. There isn’t much you’ll need as in tools when walking a show floor. Maybe a bag, but you can pick one up from virtually any booth. You won’t need a water mug because you’ll score about three when you first walk in. You won’t need a pen because along with the mug and bag you’ll most likely get the pen from the booth next to the bag guy.

Probably the only things you’ll need is an inquisitive and open mind, and (which I’m sure is already in your pocket or purse) your mobile device. Two things, and that’s it.

I’m sure you all know the reason an inquisitive and open mind is useful at a trade show, especially one as substantial as CTIA’s Super Mobility Week. Questions and an open mind beget happy lucrative relationships. Excuse the allusion, but expo visitors are like lonely souls floating from booth to booth in search of that particular draw, the one that will make the lonesome soul whole and profitable.

Mobile devices are versatile robots that do as you wish with a few taps on the screen. These mobile servants are probably a useful tool one would need to capture company names and annotate conversations when traversing the aisles. Also, you’ll most likely want to download the show app which will help guide you through long halls of the Sands expo.

Another app that comes in handy is a QR scanner. Many exhibitors will have QR codes readily visible for attendees to quickly navigate the web to that company’s product page. This tools saves time and thumb tapping.

Mobile devices are also useful for taking pictures of booths and quickly writing notes or verbally recording what you are experiencing. But I would do the recording a bit after you speak to the exhibitor; it would be weird if you begin announcing your impressions when you’re standing in front of him/her.

Here are Comprar Magazine we hope visitors come with their minds open and questions burgeoning; we’ll be more than happy to help garner a presence in LATAM markets for any curious prospect. Also, bring your QR scanners we will be using them for promo and goodies for CTIA attendees.

Be sure to make a visit at Maxwest Telecom‘s booth (#1868). They’ll have their latest lines of mobile devices on hand and you’ll most likely see one of our models at their booth. Be sure to say hi!

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