Ayaneo Pocket S: The Portable Android Console with Snapdragon SoC for Emulating Nintendo Switch and Other Consoles

Ayaneo Pocket S: The Portable Android Console with Snapdragon SoC for Emulating Nintendo Switch and Other Consoles

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Ayaneo Pocket S, una consola portátil con Android, SoC Snapdragon y capacidad para emular a la Nintendo Switch y otras consolas

The Nintendo Switch is currently the only true portable console available, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other “consoles” in portable format as well. Among these is the popular Steam Deck, which has sold millions of units over time. While portable consoles with PC hardware are more common, we now have one with mobile hardware and Android: the AYANEO Pocket S, which uses the Snapdragon 8G3X Gen 2 SoC designed for gaming.

Playing Nintendo Switch games without the actual console is very possible due to emulation. The Nintendo console has relatively low power by today’s standards, with some smartphones offering even greater performance. In fact, we can emulate Switch games on Android using the Yuzu emulator, which debuted last year. Switch emulation has been around since the console’s release, and it has now been optimized to the point where a mid-range smartphone can play several of its games with decent performance.

The AYANEO Pocket S showcases its impressive gaming performance with the Snapdragon G3X Gen 2 SoC

Playing Nintendo Switch games without buying the console may seem counterintuitive to Nintendo’s vision, yet emulation continues to be used. By visiting the Yuzu emulator’s GitHub repository, we can find numerous updates, with a new version released almost daily. The effort and time put into making the emulation experience better each time on Android is apparent, as millions of people are interested in this.

While we can use our smartphones, there are also consoles like the AYANEO Pocket S, an Android-based device that is the first to use the Snapdragon G3X Gen 2. This SoC aims to deliver higher performance than we’re used to for gaming consoles, aiming to compete with AMD and Intel. Well-known YouTuber ETA PRIME has reviewed the AYANEO Pocket S, highlighting its features and, most notably, its gaming capability.

All tested games run at 60 FPS, including Nintendo Switch games with Yuzu

With a 6-inch IPS display at a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, a 14mm thickness, and 16 GB of RAM, the AYANEO Pocket S is more powerful than it appears. The Snapdragon G3X Gen 2 SoC has a 15W TDP, similar to the Steam Deck and AMD APUs. In the review, we can see that the console can effectively handle Android games like Genshin Impact, Real Racing 3, and Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat with maximum graphics settings, 1440p resolution, and 60 FPS. The built-in controls are natively recognized as Xbox controllers in games, eliminating the need for configuration changes.

The console’s performance with emulators is also impressive, running GameCube and Wii games on Dolphin with 1080p or higher resolutions at a stable 60 FPS. PS2 emulation via NetherSX2 runs at 2,240 x 1,560 pixels with OpenGL and 60 FPS in games like Gran Turismo 3. Lastly, Nintendo Switch games were playable with Yuzu, with Cuphead running flawlessly and others like Zelda reaching 60 FPS but experiencing graphical glitches.

The Ayaneo Pocket S, a portable console with Android, Snapdragon SoC, and the ability to emulate the Nintendo Switch and other consoles was first featured on El Chapuzas Informático.

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