Corsair HS80 MAX: Long-lasting Wireless Gaming Headphones for an Unbeatable Experience

Corsair HS80 MAX: Long-lasting Wireless Gaming Headphones for an Unbeatable Experience

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CORSAIR HS80 MAX, auriculares gaming inalámbricos con gran autonomía

After analyzing the original version two years ago, the HS80 RGB Wireless, we now have the CORSAIR HS80 MAX for review. We are presented with wireless gaming headphones featuring Dolby Atmos sound, now enhanced with SoundID technology to customize the audio experience to your preferences.

Before starting the review, we would like to thank CORSAIR for providing us with this product for analysis.

Technical Specifications of CORSAIR HS80 MAX

– Design: Double headband, closed circumaural
– Sound: Stereo with Dolby Atmos and SoundID
– Diaphragms: 50mm neodymium transducers
– Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– Impedance: 32 ohms @ 1 kHz
– Sensitivity: 119 dB (±3 dB)
– Microphone: Foldable and flexible, omnidirectional capture
– Connectivity: 2.4 GHz (USB dongle), Bluetooth
– Battery life: 65 hours (2.4 GHz), 130 hours (Bluetooth)
– Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices
– Dimensions: 200 x 97 x 183 mm
– Weight: 352 grams
– Other: Volume control

Unboxing and Accessories

The CORSAIR HS80 MAX comes in a beautifully decorated cardboard box featuring the brand’s classic black and yellow colors. The product design and main features are displayed on the box, but not the technical specifications.

Inside, the headphones are well protected by a plastic frame and foam padding, with the accessories below.

In addition to the documentation, the CORSAIR HS80 MAX includes a USB receiver for 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and a USB to USB-C cable for battery charging, which features a unique touch: the CORSAIR logo has LED lighting.


Continuing with the review, we take the CORSAIR HS80 MAX out of its packaging. With a modern design accentuated in white, they are quite aggressive and do not go unnoticed when worn.

In general terms, they offer a double headband design and closed circumaural cups, which is directly inherited from the original HS80 RGB Wireless version.

The double headband combines a fixed exterior plastic headband with an elastic inner band that allows for automatic height adjustment. In this way, it fits the size of our head without the need for any adjustments, reducing pressure on the head and ears.

The outer headband connects to the cups through a fairly complex system that allows the cups to rotate and tilt. This also adapts automatically to the lateral shape of our head.

The CORSAIR HS80 MAX features closed cups with the illuminated CORSAIR logo in RGB. Inside, there are textile circumaural pads with dimensions of 10 x 8 cm and an auricular cavity of about 6 x 4 cm (maximum values). Thanks to their large size, our entire ear can fit inside comfortably, with breathable fabric covering the bottom.

50mm drivers with Dolby Atmos and SoundID

Behind the pads are 50mm diaphragms with neodymium magnets. They specify a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, an impedance of 32 ohms, and a sensitivity of 119 dB (± 3 dB), which are within conventional parameters. They are compatible with Dolby Atmos technology for virtual 7.1 sound generation and, as a novelty in this model, with SoundID technology. This allows us to adapt the sound to our taste with a small test that we will discuss later.

Omnidirectional Microphone with NVIDIA Broadcasting

The left cup of the CORSAIR HS80 MAX features a flexible, foldable microphone with omnidirectional sound capture. It works in frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 10 kHz, with a sensitivity of -38 dB (± 3 dB). It mutes automatically when folded and has an LED indicator at the tip. Furthermore, through the iCUE software, it is compatible with NVIDIA Broadcasting technology for better sound capture.

Sound controls and the USB-C connector for battery charging are located on the edges of the cups. The battery promises a 65-hour runtime with 2.4 GHz connectivity, which is achieved through the dongle and has no latency. Meanwhile, with Bluetooth connectivity, the battery can last up to 130 hours.

Testing the CORSAIR HS80 MAX

In the review, we put the CORSAIR HS80 MAX to the test by using them to listen to music in FLAC and MP3 formats at 320 kbps, playing shooters, and even watching a movie. In our case, we have connected them to a PC for testing, but they are also compatible with PS4 and PS5, maintaining support for Dolby Atmos.

In general terms, the CORSAIR HS80 MAX offers a warm sound profile with deep bass and excellent punch. The mids and highs are much more neutral, producing nice vocals and melodies and providing good detail in the highs. They don’t offer an audiophile sound profile, even when using the equalizer, but they do provide a wide soundstage. This makes it easier to identify instruments and, most importantly for gaming headphones, pinpoint the location of sounds. This allows us to effectively locate enemies in shooters, which is obviously essential.

On the other hand, the CORSAIR HS80 MAX features an excellent microphone that captures voice warmly and with good nuance. Additionally, we can improve the capture and eliminate all background noise when using NVIDIA Broadcasting technology, which is compatible with the headphones.

Excellent Battery Life and Ergonomics of the CORSAIR HS80 MAX

A key aspect of the review for the CORSAIR HS80 MAX is its battery life. While the brand promises up to 65 hours of battery life in 2.4 GHz mode, we found it more realistically lasts around 50 hours—a figure that isn’t bad considering this allows for two days of uninterrupted listening before needing to charge them again.

Equally important is their ergonomics, an aspect where the CORSAIR HS80 MAX also stands out notably. Thanks to the combination of a double headband and the mobility of their cups, they are not tiring on the ears after hours of use, even for those who wear glasses.

iCUE Software

As expected, the CORSAIR HS80 MAX features iCUE software for full control and configuration. From this program, we can configure the LED lighting of the headphones with different colors and effects.

We can also configure the sound with a 10-band equalizer and five preset modes from the factory.

Lastly, iCUE gives us access to SoundID technology to tailor the sound to our taste. This technology runs a series of tests measuring the acuity of both ears and comparing different sound samples for us to choose our preferred option. In this way, it promises to customize the sound to our personal taste in about five minutes, although it didn’t quite work for me personally, as I prefer a flatter sound profile.


We conclude the review of the CORSAIR HS80 MAX, emphasizing that these are truly interesting wireless gaming headphones. They offer good sound with a warm profile that can be tailored to our taste using SoundID technology. Additionally, they are compatible with Dolby Atmos on both PC and PS4/PS5 when using the 2.4 GHz dongle. If we use Bluetooth connection, we lose some quality and gain some latency, but the headphones become more versatile when listening to music from our smartphone or tablet.

The CORSAIR HS80 MAX is available for sale from €159.99 on the official website, in both the white and black-grey colors. If you’re looking for wireless gaming headphones with a long battery life, these are definitely an option to consider.

Main Advantages

+ Excellent design and materials with good finishes
+ Good overall sound quality
+ Excellent ergonomics, double headband, and adaptable cups
+ Latency-free 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
+ Bluetooth connection for use with other devices
+ Great voice capture with muting when microphone is folded
+ Over 50 hours of battery life

Negative Aspects

– Mids and highs could be improved, without being bad

Other Features

* Integrated volume control

We award the CORSAIR HS80 MAX headphones the Gold Award from El Chapuzas Informático.

This review first appeared on El Chapuzas Informático.

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