Enermax Withdraws Select Revolution Series Power Supplies from Sale due to High RMA Rates

Enermax Withdraws Select Revolution Series Power Supplies from Sale due to High RMA Rates

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ENERMAX retira de la venta algunas fuentes de la serie REVOLUTION por un alto RMA

When it comes to buying a PC by parts or upgrading our current one, many people choose to sacrifice certain components in order to afford a better GPU or CPU. Sometimes, a cheap, high-wattage power supply is purchased to fit the budget. This can be dangerous, as a low-quality power supply can cause instability and potentially damage other PC components if it fails. ENERMAX is a company that usually does not cause many issues; however, recently, power supplies from the REVOLUTION series have been observed with high RMA rates.

The quality of a power supply is not solely determined by its wattage or even its price. A more important factor is the manufacturer, as most power supplies from a certain brand are usually made by the same manufacturer. SEASONIC, for example, is known for the majority of its power supplies being synonymous with quality. Although higher-end models are more efficient and durable, some brands claim to have 1000W power supplies that cannot handle such power during workloads, leading to disasters.

ENERMAX warns of a high RMA rate in their REVOLUTION D.F.2 and D.F.X power supplies

ENERMAX is not considered a top-tier brand, but their power supplies are clearly superior compared to others on the market. In fact, years ago, the ENERMAX Platimax power supplies were quite interesting due to their 80 Plus Platinum rating and fully modular design, while costing less than others. The company currently has other PSU series, such as the more affordable MARBLEBRON and the wide-ranging REVOLUTION series.

ENERMAX has issued a warning regarding high RMA rates in their REVOLUTION D.F.2 and REVOLUTION D.F.X power supplies. The issue stems from a faulty fan bearing, causing noise due to oil leaks.

The company will cover shipping costs and warranties remain unaffected

Though the issue has affected only a few units, ENERMAX has announced that they are willing to voluntarily replace REVOLUTION D.F.2 and REVOLUTION D.F.X power supplies purchased in 2023. They have provided a series of links on their website to contact customer support. Additionally, ENERMAX will handle all shipping costs, and the original warranty will not be affected.

The REVOLUTION D.F.2 and D.F.X power supplies with these fans have been removed from the market. However, a revised version has been launched to rectify the problem. To identify the revised version, there should be a red “OC Passed” sticker and another sticker stating “Equipped with Industrial Grade Dual-Ball Bearing Fan”. This second sticker can be seen in the attached image featured in an area not typically displayed by online shops.

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