European Mobile Shipments Decline 11% to 2011 Levels: Which Brands Hold the Largest Market Share?

European Mobile Shipments Decline 11% to 2011 Levels: Which Brands Hold the Largest Market Share?

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Los envíos de móviles en Europa caen un 11% a niveles de 2011, ¿qué marcas tienen más cuota de mercado?

When it comes to buying a smartphone, there are so many brands and models that deciding on the best one for us can take some time researching and comparing. If you’re looking for the best performance-to-price ratio or a more affordable mobile phone, Android is the way to go, as they are much cheaper than iOS. Now that we have the mobile shipment results for Europe during Q3 2023, we see that the figure has dropped by 11%, although Apple has fallen the least, and Honor has even risen.

Smartphones are a market that seems to have no end when it comes to generating profits. With phones advancing rapidly, making previous ones obsolete and the fact that mobile phones can easily break, there is always a constant market for purchasing new devices. At least the trend of increasing the number of shipments year after year was quite common, but now it has changed.

Mobile shipments in Europe during Q3 2023 have fallen, and brands such as realme have dropped by 30%.

According to the latest data provided by Counterpoint, we are in a rather unusual moment in the smartphone industry, as the shipment rate has decreased considerably during Q3 2023. Specifically, there has been an average drop of 11%, with companies like Samsung experiencing a 15% decrease, reaching the lowest shipment level since 2011. But if we have to mention the mobile brand that has suffered the most, it is undoubtedly realme, a subsidiary of Oppo that was created in 2018 and during Q3 2023 experienced a 30% drop.

As we can see, the drop in shipments is widespread across all Android mobile brands, except for one. Here we see that Honor is the only one that manages to escape this downturn, enjoying an 8% increase when all others are falling. In fact, Xiaomi has also experienced a 13% drop, while the rest of Android brands have fallen 8% compared to Q3 2022.

Apple has experienced a 3% drop but still manages to increase its market share in 2023.

With Android, we can see that in Q3 2022, other brands went from occupying 15% to 16% of the market share. Honor remains at 3%, realme has dropped to 4% due to the massive decrease. With Xiaomi, we see that this Chinese brand is much more popular, holding 22% and maintaining the same figure, while others like Samsung have gone from 34% to 32%. We are discussing these changes in mobile brands because we have left Apple for the end.

Despite the overall 11% drop in Q3 2023, Apple’s iOS smartphones have only fallen 3%, and in terms of market share, they have gone from 22% to 24%, the only brand (mentioned) that has managed to improve. This shows how the iPhone 15, along with the iPhone 14 and other older models, continues to sell quite well considering the situation. Xiaomi, on the other hand, completely dominates the Eastern European market with a 35% share. Meanwhile, unknown brands TECNO and Infinix in the European market have grown 192% and 518% in Russia during this wartime period.

The decline in mobile shipments in Europe by 11% to 2011 levels raises the question of which brands have the largest market share?

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