First Real Images of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Revealed: Less Curved Edges with Slimmer Bezels

First Real Images of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Revealed: Less Curved Edges with Slimmer Bezels

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, llegan las primeras imágenes reales: bordes menos curvados con biseles reducidos

The date is approaching, and although Samsung won’t make it to Christmas 2023, they have cut the launch date for their new Galaxy S24 Ultra by over a month to compete with Apple and Google. The best part is that we still have the first real image of what will be the fastest smartphone for much of 2024 in November, along with some interesting design details. So, here are the first real images of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It may be more or less appealing, but it is undeniable that Apple, Google, and Samsung have camera designs that are instantly recognizable. The new flagship phone from the South Korean company goes a bit further, with slight changes in shape and some minor innovations that will appeal to most people.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the first real images align with renders

With a design generally more similar to Sony’s flagship phone in shape and effect, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will arrive loaded with new features. The main change regarding cameras is that Samsung has abandoned the controversial 10x optical zoom due to its instability. With 5x zoom being complex, doubling the zoom makes it genuinely challenging to stabilize and requires surgeon-like steadiness to take a photo.

This implies changes in the cameras, which also result in alterations to the general design. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, as revealed in its first real images, has a slightly curved edge. Specific numbers are given: a curvature between 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm, which is interesting considering it will have a completely flat screen, becoming a trend again in the industry to achieve a second effect that will please fans of the brand.

Narrower top and bottom bezels similar to Apple and Google

With a completely flat display, Samsung has managed what was already difficult: reducing the top and bottom bezels to almost half compared to the S23 Ultra. The front-facing camera is also smaller, which helps improve the full-screen feel that Samsung aims for with this device.

As for the titanium profiles of the smartphone, they are genuinely curved, although the four corners have a straight cut. It is somewhat similar to what Google did with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, except the design is entirely rectangular without curvature in those corners.

As we can see, the phone looks excellent in the images, appearing to be made with high-quality materials and featuring minor aesthetic improvements in ergonomics and overall appearance.

The release date remains unchanged, meaning it is set to be unveiled on January 17, 2024, at an unknown price, arriving in stores worldwide a week later. However, it is also claimed that the Chinese version could be delayed to coincide with the Lunar New Year.

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s first real images show less curved edges and reduced bezels.

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