Former OpenAI Executive Believes AI Could Be Humanity's Ultimate Invention

Former OpenAI Executive Believes AI Could Be Humanity’s Ultimate Invention

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Un exdirectivo de OpenAI opina que la IA podría ser lo último que invente el ser humano

The arrival of artificial intelligence in our lives has caught many by surprise. Just a few years ago, AI or artificial intelligence terms were barely mentioned and were mostly associated with advances in robotics. However, now we can confidently say that AI is present in all kinds of devices and is increasingly involved in society. According to a former OpenAI executive, AI will be the last thing humans invent, as it will enable us to accomplish any purpose.

With generative artificial intelligence, we can create various types of content. Tools like Midjourney use this AI, and we can see how effective they are in creating images of all kinds. We can make realistic, comic, anime, or artist-style images. This is possible since AI has been trained with thousands or even millions of artworks and images, enabling it to create all this content.

According to one of the early OpenAI employees, AI will be the last great invention of humanity. The same goes for ChatGPT, which is also considered generative AI but focuses on text instead of images. This chatbot has been trained with a vast amount of information, so it knows how to respond correctly when asked something. While these are just some well-known examples of AI for most users, there is much more out there.

AI is already being used in research tasks, significantly accelerating these processes and saving millions of dollars. Recently, Microsoft’s AI allowed for the creation of a solid-state battery and found alternatives to graphene. While AI may not be well-received by everyone, former OpenAI executive Zack Kass believes that this technology could be the last humans will see. This can be viewed positively or negatively. In the former OpenAI executive’s case, it is undoubtedly positive, as he thinks AI will resolve all our problems, and with its help, we won’t have to make the same efforts as we currently do.

The former OpenAI executive believes that AI will not lead humanity to disaster, but quite the opposite. AI will help find cures for certain diseases that humans haven’t yet discovered, develop new materials, devices, and technologies that will shape the future. At least, this is the optimistic perspective held by this former OpenAI employee, who was one of the first 100 workers and the head of Go-to-Market. He decided to leave OpenAI but maintains that it was due to family issues, as he remains fascinated by artificial intelligence.

He believes that humanity’s future will not be dystopian nor will AI lead to human annihilation. The former employee sees no fatal scenario, like those in the Terminator movies, and thinks that there is no evil AI. He asserts that the main responsibility is to impose ethical and social regulations and legislation that AI must follow to prevent it from going out of control.

In summary, a former OpenAI executive believes that AI could be the last thing humans invent, as it has the potential to solve all of our problems and revolutionize various aspects of society.

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