Global Memory Chip Supply on Edge as North Korea Threatens to Annihilate South Korea Over Provocations

Global Memory Chip Supply on Edge as North Korea Threatens to Annihilate South Korea Over Provocations

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El suministro de chips de memoria mundial en vilo por Corea del Norte: «Aniquilaremos a Corea del Sur si nos provoca»

The Spanish saying “we were few, and grandma gave birth” seems more appropriate than ever when it comes to the world’s tense geopolitical stage. With Russia invading Ukraine, Israel attacking Gaza and defending itself from surrounding enemies, and tension in the Red Sea, things were already complicated. Then, North Korea decided to stir the pot even more, threatening its historic rival, South Korea, with annihilation, causing further uncertainty for the global memory chip supply.

Complex situations and geopolitics continue to intertwine with the semiconductor industry. It seems as though someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes, as South Korea announces plans to invest $470 billion in semiconductors. This move coincides with North Korea drastically amending its constitution to specifically identify the South as its main enemy.

North Korea aims to destroy its constitutional commitment to the South and threatens global memory chip supply

This problem arises as Russia and China currently face pressure on the global stage. Conspiracy theories aside, the timing of North Korea’s actions cannot be a coincidence, given that relations between the two Koreas remain the same as they were a year or two ago.

Kim Jong Un declared that the era of seeking peaceful reconciliation with South Korea has ended, after forging ties with Russia and China. He has taken the first step by eliminating three major governmental agencies responsible for relations and reunification efforts with South Korea.

The “supreme leader,” as he is called within his borders, has pushed further, asking for the country’s constitution to define South Korea as “the invariable primary enemy” of North Korea. In addition, Kim Jong Un threatens to “occupy, subjugate, and reclaim” South Korean land in case of provocation or war, with no second thoughts about annihilating his greatest rival.

Conflict over global memory chip supply, with 73% of DRAM and 51% of NAND Flash at stake

What is happening in the Red Sea seems like a prelude to another large-scale armed conflict with global repercussions. South Korea dominates the global memory market, with only the United States’ Micron able to compete, and China also holding a share.

A military conflict between the two Koreas threatens global stability due to both countries’ weapons potential and alliances. The East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the Sea of Japan are currently hotspots, particularly for North Korean missile tests.

South Korean President Yoon said, “The North’s fake peace game that threatened us to choose between ‘war’ and ‘peace’ no longer works.”

South Korea may need to expand further into allied territories like Europe or the US with its semiconductor FABs due to North Korea’s threat. Is Japan safe given its investment and ongoing issues with Kim Jong Un?

Since the pandemic, the world has been in a state of war, with chips becoming the new oil and many “crazies” able to press a red button initiating global conflict. Considering current developments, another world war cannot be ruled out. If North Korea feels threatened by the South and hostilities increase, will Kim Jong Un play the war card with China and Russia’s support? Will the US and Europe respond to South Korea’s call?

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