htc new vr headset

HTC Launching a new VR headset

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htc new vr headset

HTC is working on a new VR headset that will be a gamer changer for the VR and Wearable tech market.

CFO and president of global sales Chia-Lin Chang told Cnet that the device will not simply be a headset supporting a smartphone in front of it. It’ll be a “different thing”.

“Different thing” when it comes to tech, VR and wearable devices, can me a plethora of notions. The VR platform can mean it supports room scale tracking, using outside-in technology. It could also mean support for controllers like the Vive’s. The options are quite endless…we’ll be waiting to see what goodies this wearable tech can do.

Chang said will be seeing the debut by the end of the year.

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