HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Hima, Awesome Specs, Seen in AnTuTu

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HTC One M9Seems HTC’s latest flagship smartphone was spotted in AnTuTu benchmark, which means that it’ll be releasing very soon. The HTC One M9 was listed in the benchmark site as HTC653LVW HIMA.

The HTC One M9 will equipped with a 5 inch screen display with 1080 Full HD Resolution. It’ll be powered by Qualcomm’s forthcoming Snapdragon 810 octa-core chip with 64-bit, speeds at 2 GHz. Will also come with Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

The Android phone will be shipped with Lollipop OS (Android 5.0.1), with HTC Sense 7 UI. The back of the smartphone will have a…wait for it…a 20.7 MP camera and a 13MP front facing camera.

Details are sketchy whether HTC will keep HTC One M9 and just go with Hima. It’s said that HTC will drop the M line to replace it with a new line of smartphones. Three smartphones (Hima Ace, Hima Ultra, HTC One M9??) will be revealed during a press conference in March 2015.


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