Huawei Gears Up with Multiple Kirin 9000S SoC Variants to Fully Replace Qualcomm in Their Phones

Huawei Gears Up with Multiple Kirin 9000S SoC Variants to Fully Replace Qualcomm in Their Phones

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Huawei prepara varias versiones de su SoC Kirin 9000S para reemplazar por completo a Qualcomm en sus móviles

If the United States wants to sever the greatest number of ties with China in certain sectors, the truth is that China wants to do the same in many others, knowing that the US will lose a lot of time and money equipping India as its new world factory. For this reason, Huawei will deal the next blow, as it has been leaked that they are preparing different versions of their Kirin 9000S to completely replace an American manufacturer like Qualcomm. Specifically, today we have the Kirin 9000S 5G; what changes in this version?

Huawei is going all out, and even though their SoC is at 14 nm with a dual pattern (they like to call it 7 nm), the reality is that they cannot manufacture it with SMIC at the same level as they achieve with their other chips. Therefore, in order to end the relationship with Qualcomm, a genuinely surprising piece of news is leaked from China.

Huawei Kirin 9000S: different versions of the same SoC to flood the smartphone market

It was clear that manufacturing a SoC with a dual pattern using the scanners that SMIC possesses and would have “donated” to Huawei to build their Kirin 9000S would not only result in low performance but also in a higher error rate. As almost nothing is wasted in semiconductors, the company prepares a second assault in several sectors, capitalizing on the defective chips.

For this reason, they are already talking about a new Kirin 9000S 5G SoC, which is the anticipation of a series of versions originating from the initial Kirin 9000S. What will the differences be? Only leaked data is available for this new version, but sources in China point to versions for mid-range and low-end devices as well, set to arrive in 2024.

What we do already know is that this new Kirin 9000S 5G model comes with the following technical specifications:

1 high-performance Cortex X1 core at 2.49 GHz

3 Cortex A710 cores at 2.15 GHz

4 Cortex A510 cores at 1.53 GHz

From the viewpoint of comparing it to its original version, there is one less core in X1, one less in the A710 cores, and two fewer in the A510 cores, with a frequency reduction affecting only the Cortex X1, losing 130 MHz.

The same iGPU will be maintained

This is undoubtedly the most positive aspect. This new Kirin 9000S 5G will retain the Maleoon 910 iGPU, which is developed in-house by the company. With that said, a leaker has claimed that all Huawei devices launched in 2024 will have Kirin 9000S SoCs, causing Qualcomm to lose all orders from the Chinese giant.

The first device that will replace Qualcomm’s will be Huawei’s new tablet and the new mid-range smartphone, the supposed Nova 12. As a result, Huawei devices can now be found at reduced prices in China, as the strategy is to clear stock as soon as possible and begin 2024 by introducing new models without the American SoC.

The goals for the Mate 60 series, for example, along with the upcoming mid-range and low-end devices, are nothing less than 100 million units for next year. Considering that Apple ships between 75 and 90 million of the latest iPhone models worldwide, the volume Huawei is aiming for in China and a few countries aligned with Xi Jinping becomes apparent.

In other words, Huawei wants to increase their 2023 projections by 40% with their flagship series, which also implies that the average Chinese consumer is more interested in the Kirin SoC than those of Apple or Samsung, for example. Will they be able to ship such a large number of phones?

This article first appeared on El Chapuzas Informático.

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