Intel and Cadence Renew Partnership to Provide Top-Notch Designs on 18A Node and Beyond for All Manufacturers

Intel and Cadence Renew Partnership to Provide Top-Notch Designs on 18A Node and Beyond for All Manufacturers

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Intel y Cadence renuevan su asociación para ofrecer a cualquier fabricante los mejores diseños en el nodo Intel 18A y posteriores

Intel and Cadence are two long-time friends who have been working together for many years. As part of the event taking place today for IFS (Intel Foundry Services), both companies have announced a new cooperation agreement that will extend over time with a very clear goal: Intel and Cadence must provide the best designs on the world’s finest nodes, starting with Intel 18A and beyond.

This strategic agreement spans several years, with no specified end date, and will surely be extensive like its predecessor. Setting aside the length of the contract, both companies are more united than ever and eager to work with designers through new, standardized EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools. This simplifies work for companies and opens the door to any chip maker to join IFS.

Intel and Cadence sign an agreement to create a custom IP portfolio

The goal is to simplify the process for anyone who knocks on the door of IFS to take advantage of cutting-edge or slightly mature Intel nodes (it is understood that the previous agreement also included IP from both companies). Given that IFS’s revenue within the IDM 2.0 strategy is booming, almost doubling each quarter, it was clear that Intel and Cadence needed to work together by the time the node is ready for mass production for any customer, not just for Intel.

That’s why Stuart Paann, Senior Vice President of Intel and General Manager of IFS, said:

“We are very excited to expand our partnership with Cadence to grow the IP ecosystem for IFS and provide choices to customers. We will leverage Cadence’s world-class portfolio of cutting-edge IP solutions and advanced design capabilities to enable our clients to deliver high-volume, high-performance, and energy-efficient SoCs (System on Chip) using Intel’s advanced process technologies.”

A great opportunity in the growth of IFS and new nodes

Anirudh Devgan, President and CEO of Cadence, said:

“We are expanding our partnership with Intel Foundry Services through a significant multi-year strategic agreement to provide industry-leading design software and IP at multiple advanced Intel nodes, thus driving Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy and accelerating mutual cooperation.”

Cooperation is crucial at a time when AI requires a large number of chips and packages, and Cadence and Intel are the perfect partnership. The former has cutting-edge implementations and standards in key technologies such as advanced memory protocols, PCIe, UCI Express, and other leading-edge systems.

Intel is very close to expanding its chip and package production capacity, so when combined with its advantage in lithographic nodes, the partnership with Cadence could drive IFS to levels not seen before.

It is worth noting that Intel is the only company in the world to integrate the so-called 3D-IC packages, led by Foveros 3D, which it can export to any company thanks to Cadence’s design tools. This highlights the great importance of this enduring partnership for the future.

The article “Intel and Cadence renew their partnership to offer any manufacturer the best designs on the Intel 18A node and beyond,” was originally published on El Chapuzas Informático.

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