Intel to Counter AMD's Threadripper 7995WX with 64-Core Xeon W-3595X Using Similar Technique in PCs

Intel to Counter AMD’s Threadripper 7995WX with 64-Core Xeon W-3595X Using Similar Technique in PCs

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Intel responderá al Threadripper 7995WX con su Xeon W-3595X de 64 Cores y la misma técnica que usa AMD en PC

When choosing a processor, we have desktop CPUs and conventional PCs, while others are designed for workstations and servers. The latter offers much higher performance thanks to a larger number of cores, although these operate at lower frequencies to keep power consumption and temperatures in check. Here we have processors such as the AMD Threadripper and Intel Xeon, which we know are behind AMD. Intel is reportedly preparing a new range of Xeon processors to compete against Zen 4-based Threadrippers, and now the top-of-the-line Xeon W-3595X with 64 cores is revealed.

In the past, Intel was ahead of AMD in almost all processor categories. Both Intel Core and Intel Xeon were superior to their rivals, primarily because AMD struggled to achieve a decent IPC since its cores performed significantly less. However, the situation changed with Zen, and as we always mention, we went from seeing a defenseless AMD to a real competitor that has put Intel under pressure until now. The blue company had to abandon its trend of having fewer cores and instead increased them and their frequencies.

Intel is reportedly preparing Xeon W-2500 and W-3500 processors to beat Threadripper 7000 in price-to-performance ratios. This development led to moving from 4, 6, and 8-core processors at the top of the desktop range to having 24 cores currently at almost 6 GHz. Intel has managed to catch up in this regard, but in the high-performance and server market, that’s not the case. AMD’s Threadripper and EPYC processors surpass everything Intel offers at the moment. As usual, the company tends to release new models each year, and we have already seen the Intel Core 14 (Raptor Lake Refresh) and soon will see the Meteor Lake for laptops arriving.

What is now being revealed is that Intel is also preparing an Intel Xeon Refresh, just like they did with their Core 14. These would correspond to the series of Xeon W-2500 and Xeon W-3500 (Sapphire Rapids Refresh) models, which would be price-to-performance-focused processors “beating” AMD. It is hard to believe that, as AMD has had a better ratio in this aspect with server processors over the years. These new Xeon processors can be overclocked to over 5 GHz easily and will have higher base frequencies than before, although they will be lower than the Threadripper 7000. The top-of-the-line model for these new Xeon Sapphire Rapids Refresh processors will be the W-3595X.

The top-of-the-line will be an Intel Xeon W-3595X with 64 cores

The W-3595X will have 64 cores, which is eight more than the previous top-of-the-line W9-3495X that it theoretically replaces. The latter was seen breaking several performance records at a frequency of 5.5 GHz and an incredible power consumption of 1,900W due to overclocking. Regarding the new W-3595X, Moore’s Law is Dead reports that it will be launched in January or February, but they will not be available for purchase in stores until late February or March.

At that time, it will be interesting to see the cost of these processors and whether they actually fulfill the promise of beating AMD in price-to-performance. If they do, Intel may regain lost ground in the server and workstation sectors, although it will still be far behind AMD’s high-end range. Keep in mind that Threadripper 7000 processors reach 96 cores, and AMD EPYC has a model with 128 cores.

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