Intel Unveils Mid and Low Range 14th Gen Core CPUs for PCs, High-Performance HX for Top Gaming Laptops, and Power-Efficient U Series

Intel Unveils Mid and Low Range 14th Gen Core CPUs for PCs, High-Performance HX for Top Gaming Laptops, and Power-Efficient U Series

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Intel revela sus CPU Core 14 de gama media y baja para PC, así como los HX para portátiles gaming TOP y serie U de bajo consumo

CES 2024 is the most significant event in the technology industry, as major companies in the sector use the occasion to showcase their new products and devices. Notable brands such as Intel are not absent from the event, with the company unveiling its latest processors, including the 65W Intel Core 14 non-K for desktop processors and the U and HX series CPUs for laptops.

When Intel launched its Core 14 processors a few months ago, they were practically identical to the Core 13 Raptor Lake but with slightly higher frequencies. The Intel Core 14 Raptor Lake Refresh was not a new architecture as some had hoped, but rather another Refresh version. Intel has pulled off this move in the past, introducing new processors with virtually the same performance in an attempt to attract users who may not know the difference and think they are significantly better.

Intel introduces the 65W Raptor Lake Refresh Intel Core 14

The Intel Core 14 K-series, including the i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and i5-14600K, has been available in stores. However, several mid and low-range models, such as the i3, were still missing. Now, Intel has released the remaining non-K series models, including the Core i9-14900 and i9-14900F (8+16 cores), both featuring a base frequency of just 2 GHz for P-Cores and 1.5 GHz for E-Cores, with a max frequency similar to the K-series CPUs. According to Intel, the maximum TDP with turbo would be 219W, and they are priced at $549 and $524, respectively.

For the Core i7-14700 and i7-14700F (8+12 cores), the maximum frequency is up to 5.4 GHz using Turbo Boost 3.0, with a TDP of 219W like the i9 models. Other models in the lineup include the i5-14600 (6+8 cores) with up to 5.2 GHz for $255 and the Core i5-14500 (6+8 cores) for $232 with slightly lower frequencies. Next is the Core i5-14400, followed by the Core i3-14100 with only 4 P-Cores and a price of $134, and the Intel Processor 300 with 2 cores at an MSRP of $82.

Intel has also unveiled the Core 14 HX and U models for laptops

The spotlight now turns to the laptop range since Intel has unveiled its U and HX processors for these devices. Starting with the HX series, the flagship model is the i9-14900HX with 24 cores (8+16), reaching a maximum frequency of 5.8 GHz (like the PC version) and a maximum TDP with turbo of 157W. Following this are the i7-14700HX with 20 cores, max frequency of 5.5 GHz, and 157W max consumption in turbo, and the i7-14650HX with 16 cores and a max frequency of 5.2 GHz.

There’s also the i5-14500HX with 14 cores and 4.9 GHz, with Intel maintaining the same TDP across the entire HX range regardless of the number of cores. It should be noted that all these HX series processors are Raptor Lake Refresh, not a new architecture. Finally, the Core 14 “U” series CPUs have a different naming scheme.

Although resembling the Meteor Lake lineup, they do not have “Ultra” in their name, nor do they use the same tGPU or any of its improvements. Instead, the lineup features Raptor Lake Refresh-based processors again. These include the Intel Core 7 Processor 150U with 10 cores (2+8) achieving up to 5.4 GHz, the Intel Core 5 Processor 120U with the same core configuration but at 5 GHz, and the Intel Core 3 Processor 100U with 6 cores (2+4) and a maximum of 4.7 GHz.

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