iPhones with iOS 17 experience frozen touchscreens due to a peculiar issue

iPhones with iOS 17 experience frozen touchscreens due to a peculiar issue

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Los iPhone con iOS 17 se quedan congelados sin poder usar la pantalla táctil por un curioso problema

iOS 17 can already be classified as one of the most controversial Apple operating systems in history. The iPhone 15 brought it onto the scene, and after two months, the number of initial bugs it presented continues to grow. The latest one, affecting all devices with iOS 17.1.1, freezes iPhones and leaves users with only one option to return to normal, as the touch screen ceases to function.

The bug is not easy to trigger, meaning it requires specific actions that we’ll see in a video, but it’s not implausible that it could happen to a large number of users. Currently, almost every Apple device has reported the issue, which can be intentionally induced for testing but requires a series of steps to resolve.

The issue stems from Apple’s application library within iOS. It is a recurring and widely used feature, especially by users with hundreds of apps installed on their phones. Following a specific sequence of actions in the correct order will leave the iPhone with a non-functional touch screen and an inability to shut down, effectively locking the device.

To reproduce this problem, which is not recommended as it intentionally causes the error, users need to head to the iOS application library. Then, at the top of the screen, there is a search bar to find an app by name. Users must type something into this search bar, regardless of the content. After that, the error can be forced by performing a peculiar, albeit not unlikely, action.

Do not worry; there is a simple solution to the problem, although it is only to restore the phone to normal.

Once something is typed into the search bar, users must press and hold the spacebar on the keyboard while simultaneously swiping the application library to one side and exiting it. Finally, return to the application library and tap the search bar again – the iPhone’s touch screen and buttons will become unresponsive.

As demonstrated, it is not a frequent issue, but many users wanted to test if the bug could be reproduced on their devices, and yes, it is happening on almost all models with iOS 17.1.1. Some users reported they have not been able to intentionally lock their phone, so it is possible that only a few devices are affected for unknown reasons.

How to return to normal if the error has been induced? Force restart the iPhone. Users need to press the volume up button, release it, press the volume down button, and at the same time, press the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Afterward, the iPhone will reboot, and everything will function as it should. Apparently, Apple is already aware of the problem and will fix it with iOS 17.2.

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