Latest AMD RX 8000 GPU Leaks Turn Everything Upside Down: Introducing GFX1200 (Navi 44) and GFX1201 (Navi 48)?

Latest AMD RX 8000 GPU Leaks Turn Everything Upside Down: Introducing GFX1200 (Navi 44) and GFX1201 (Navi 48)?

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Las últimas filtraciones de las GPU AMD RX 8000 lo ponen todo patas arriba, ¿GFX1200 (Navi 44) y GFX1201 (Navi 48)?

Today’s two leaks intersect at a really interesting point, casting doubt on everything that has been discussed about the RX 8000, which is not much precisely. What we knew is that AMD canceled its RDNA 4 architecture as MCM for a conventional monodie format while discarding the idea of competing in the high-end and extreme GPU range. Well, the RX 8000s have new information: GFX1200 and GFX1201, with Navi 44 and Navi 48?

What may initially seem of little significance is actually a puzzle that we cannot precisely decipher, as they are two distinct rumors that curiously come together today only to ultimately separate. The problem is that, according to what AMD has done so far, they don’t make sense separately or together. So, what on earth is happening, and what are we referring to with all this?

AMD RX 8000 with RDNA 4 and two new SKUs GFX1200 and GFX1201

Let’s start with the most complex to understand what we mean by these two new SKUs and where they come from. These SKUs have been seen in Linux LLVM patches as ELF numbers and interestingly, they follow AMD’s traditional scheme.

This would be logical, right? Since Vega as an architecture was GFX900, RDNA 1 was GFX1000, RDNA 2 broke the mold with GFX1030, and interestingly, the current RDNA 3 is GFX1100. To be precise, Navi 31 as a chip is referred to as GFX1100 and Navi 32 as GFX1101, as well as Navi 33 being GFX1102. So, what happens with the leaks today in Linux?

Well, if we remember, RDNA 1 was the introduction of AMD’s new general architecture without high-end GPUs, RDNA 2 was the direct evolution that did have it, and RDNA 3 also had it, but it represented a substantial change in architecture compared to its predecessor, which is why there’s a change from GFX1030 to GFX1100. With this, I want to conclude that moving from the current GFX1100 to GFX1200 will once again involve a very important architectural change.

That said, two different SKUs of different ranges have been leaked, and here we connect with the following rumor.

No Navi 41 or Navi 42, but with Navi 44 and Navi 48?

Navi 44 and Navi 48

— Everest (@Olrak29_) November 22, 2023

AMD has closed the RX 7000 GPU lineup with the RX 7600, which has received much criticism, and this carries the Navi 33 die as the current low-end. What about Navi 44? Why has Navi 48 leaked? This is a change of pace for AMD as a whole and for the first time in its history, but it will seemingly be worth little with these GFX1200 and GFX1201.

There has been an “x4” series in previous dies: Navi 14 (RDNA 1 for the RX 5500 XT) and Navi 24 (RDNA 2 for the RX 6500 and RX 6400), so Navi 44 should be, in theory, the lowest-end AMD chips.

So what is Navi 48? Here’s the exciting part. Navi 44 and Navi 48 wouldn’t be low or ultra-low-end SKUs, but rather the two parts of what was called Navi 4C, that is, the two chips with the now-discarded MCM architecture.

Therefore, we need to go back up and understand what we’re seeing: in theory, they are Navi 41 and Navi 42, which would break the rumor of no high-end GPU range, but… There’s the case of the RX 5700 XTs, which carried Navi 10, which dampens hopes.

The only thing we can be sure of is that we are seeing the fastest dies of the RX 8000.

Therefore, and trying to simplify the puzzle: is GFX1200 Navi 41 with the hypothetical RX 8700 XT? Is GFX1201 a Navi 42 die for the RX 8600 XT? Or perhaps, is AMD playing a game of confusion and indeed, there will be high-end GPUs like the RX 8900 XTX and RX 8800 XT?

As the numbering does not match, according to AMD’s own statements, a specific chip for performance, range, or segment, the reds can be as confusing as they wish.

So, place your bets, because with these two new SKUs, what we can be sure of is that we are seeing the highest-end of the RX 8000, regardless of the models, and this is interesting at the end of 2023.

The latest leaks of the AMD RX 8000 GPUs are turning everything upside down, with GFX1200 (Navi 44) and GFX1201 (Navi 48)? First appearing on El Chapuzas Informático.

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