Micron Surges Ahead with its LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X Laptop Memory: 30% Energy Savings, 71% Faster Speeds, and Up to 9,600 MHz!

Micron Surges Ahead with its LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X Laptop Memory: 30% Energy Savings, 71% Faster Speeds, and Up to 9,600 MHz!

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Micron adelanta por la derecha con su memoria LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X para portátiles: un 30% de ahorro de energía, 71% más rápida ¡y hasta 9.600 MHz!

PC hardware advances every year as various companies launch new generations of components, including CPUs, GPUs, RAM, motherboards, and even power supplies. Everything improves over time, and we expect to have faster and more efficient chips. This also applies to aspects like RAM, as we are now witnessing a new format that promises a lot. Micron officially announces its LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X memory for laptops, with capacities of up to 64GB and a significant performance boost.

When assembling a PC from scratch or purchasing a pre-built one, we must consider that the sum of its components will determine its overall performance. It’s not enough to focus solely on the GPU for gaming since combining it with a low-end CPU and playing on a 1080p monitor will result in a severe bottleneck. Ideally, one should strike a balance among the primary components and adjust parts to prioritize some and reduce costs for others. The same formula applies to laptops, although here we have to buy them with whatever components they include, so it’s crucial to know if they’re worth it.

Micron collaborates with Lenovo to launch the fastest and most efficient LPCAMM2 memory for laptops

Laptop RAM has traditionally come in the form of SO-DIMM modules that can be swapped in and out. This format is a more compact version of the DIMM memory found in PC RAM modules and remains popular today. However, thinner laptops or smaller devices like the Steam Deck use soldered RAM, which is built directly onto the motherboard and cannot be easily replaced, although it has the advantage of taking up minimal space.

During CES 2024, Micron unveiled a new LPDDR5X memory format called LPCAMM2, which boasts speeds of up to 9,600 MHz, making it much faster. This format is even smaller than SO-DIMM, which has existed since 1997, but its advantages lie in other areas, specifically performance, size, power consumption, and modularity.

Achieves 71% faster performance than SO-DIMM in PCMark 10 Essentials

To get an idea of the difference, Micron’s LPDDR5X LPCAMM2 memory has been compared to DDR5 SO-DIMM memory. In PCMark 10, LPCAMM2 achieves a 7% performance improvement in digital content tests, scoring 9,820 points compared to SO-DIMM’s 9,156. In productivity benchmarks, the performance improvement jumps to 15%. Finally, in PCMark 10 Essentials, the LPCAMM2 scores 11,373 points, an impressive 71% improvement over SO-DIMM’s 6,647 points.

In addition to performance improvements, Micron’s LPCAMM2 memory is 64% smaller than SO-DIMM memory, making it perfect for laptops and even small-form-factor PCs. Furthermore, it is said to offer up to a 30% battery saving while in use compared to DDR5 (according to Micron’s video) and an 80% saving in standby mode. This type of memory is expected to arrive in laptops and small PCs during the first half of 2024, reaching 7,500 MHz. The 9,600 MHz speed will not be available until 2026, considerably faster than DDR5 memory, which will top out at 7,200 MHz.

The announcement of Micron’s LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X memory for laptops steals the spotlight with its 30% energy saving, 71% faster performance, and speeds of up to 9,600 MHz.

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