Netflix Defies Apple: No Official App for Vision Pro Glasses

Netflix Defies Apple: No Official App for Vision Pro Glasses

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Netflix le saca el dedo de en medio a Apple: no habrá App oficial para las gafas Vision Pro

Starting this Friday, January 19, Apple will allow pre-orders for the much-discussed Vision Pro glasses. These mixed reality glasses are the company’s first and will compete with the highest prices we’ve seen in the consumer market. For no less than $3,499, these glasses will enable users to watch movies, TV shows, and other content. However, they may face a difficult start, as Netflix has now announced that there will be no official app for the Vision Pro glasses.

Apple has been developing a wide range of devices, showcasing its ability to capture a significant market share in laptops and mobile phones despite higher prices. Desktop PCs could be considered one of Apple’s weak points since apart from an all-in-one like the iMac or a Mac Pro for work, there are not many options. In terms of wearables, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 faced a patent dispute, causing them to cease sales in the United States.

Netflix announces that Apple Vision Pro glasses will not have an official app

It has been over a year since rumors began about Apple designing AR glasses, and finally, in the summer of 2023, all the information was revealed. Since then, we have been waiting for Apple to complete large-scale production of its new Vision Pro glasses to know when they would be officially launched. They will go on sale on February 2, though users who do not want to wait can pre-order them on January 19. However, Apple has demanded the use of Face ID to ensure the correct size and will conduct demonstrations to test the necessary lens type for those with vision problems.

The Apple Vision Pro glasses have already received criticism from the media, though the arrival of Disney+ 3D movies and numerous other applications was also announced. While we previously mentioned Netflix’s support, the company now states that there will not be an official app at the launch of the Vision Pro glasses. Netflix has instead withdrawn any collaboration, as their response was that Vision Pro users must visit the website to watch Netflix content.

The only way to watch Netflix on Apple’s glasses will be through the website

Netflix is unwilling to support Apple’s Vision Pro glasses, possibly due to concerns about sales or the product being considered a failure. Another reason could be that Apple competes in the movie and TV series streaming sector with Apple TV+. Additionally, the Vision Pro glasses will be compatible with most other streaming services, allowing users to watch Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video instead of Netflix.

In the end, the exact reasons are unknown, but Netflix has indicated in an official statement that its platform will only be available through the website. The company was interested in developing apps for other glasses, such as Meta Quest, but eventually abandoned the application, which has not been updated for years.

The announcement that Netflix will not provide an official app for the Apple Vision Pro glasses was first reported by El Chapuzas Informático.

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