Nintendo Switch 2 Disappoints in Latest Leaked Specs - Will There Be a Pro Model?

Nintendo Switch 2 Disappoints in Latest Leaked Specs – Will There Be a Pro Model?

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La Nintendo Switch 2 se desinfla en sus últimas especificaciones filtradas, ¿habrá modelo Pro?

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the best-selling consoles worldwide, currently ranking third behind the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2. Although it was launched in 2017 and is approaching its seventh anniversary next March, it is much newer compared to the other two consoles. The original console’s hardware is now quite outdated, and rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 are becoming more and more frequent. The latest updates on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 suggest that it will use the Tegra T239 SoC, with only 8 GB of RAM and 10 SM for the NVIDIA GPU.

The success of the Switch is undoubtedly due to Nintendo’s ability to create a portable console with an extensive game library and graphics capabilities that are more than decent compared to its other consoles. It is essential to remember the long life span of models such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 2DS, and Nintendo 3DS, which featured games incomparable to what the PS4 or Xbox One could offer at the time. Nintendo consoles typically do not stand out in terms of hardware, with the exception of the GameCube, which surpassed the PS2 upon its release in 2001.

The Nintendo Switch 2, reportedly featuring 8 GB of RAM and an Ampere GPU, is capable of up to 2 TFLOPs of power in dock mode. While not directly comparable to consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch has seen some ports of current games, and it was surprising to see it able to play Hogwarts Legacy – something that initially seemed impossible. However, this also meant sacrificing graphical quality, which many players were not willing to accept. The community has been anticipating a Switch 2, with numerous rumors and updates circulating over time.

The latest information suggests that the Switch 2 will feature an NVIDIA T239 SoC with a 120 Hz display, 8 GB of RAM, and a price tag of around $400. In a recent video from RedGamingTech, the YouTuber provides more details on the specifications, indicating an 8-core Cortex A78AE CPU (one dedicated to the OS) and an Ampere GPU with 10 SM (1,280 cores), capable of achieving 1.4 to 2 TFLOPs. In addition, there would be 8 GB of RAM operating between 5,500 MHz and 6,400 MHz, with 1 GB reserved for the operating system.

The Switch 2 is said to use a 7-inch OLED 720p display and be compatible with both DLSS 2 and AMD’s open-source FSR 3. The SoC would be manufactured using Samsung’s 8 nm 8LPE process, which is considered somewhat outdated today. The display would be a 7-inch OLED with 720p resolution and a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits supporting HDR. Storage would be a paltry 64 GB eMMC, not offering much in terms of capacity. However, the good news is that the GPU will be compatible with both DLSS 2 and AMD’s FSR 3.

It is speculated that the Switch 2’s performance will be similar to a PS4 when in dock mode and slightly lower in handheld mode. When compared to earlier leaks mentioning an NVIDIA GPU with 1,536 cores, DLSS 3.5, and 12 GB of RAM, the latest specs seem to be getting worse. However, there is a silver lining in that the Switch 2, with a design similar to the current Nintendo Switch OLED, will be compatible with its accessories. Perhaps more interestingly, it will also be backward compatible with original Switch games, allowing players to continue enjoying their purchased titles.

We could hope for some form of enhanced performance for these older games, similar to Microsoft’s approach with Xbox titles, but knowing Nintendo’s history, this may not be likely. In fact, the YouTuber mentions a rumor about a more powerful Switch 2 Pro, but considering the company’s track record, it is more likely that they would release a new console rather than a performance-enhanced revision.

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