No More Buying Steam Games with VPN in Argentina and Turkey: Prices Soar by 4,298%

No More Buying Steam Games with VPN in Argentina and Turkey: Prices Soar by 4,298%

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Se acabó comprar juegos en Steam con VPN en Argentina y Turquía: son un 4.298% más caros

When deciding between a console and a PC, people often choose the former due to its lower cost. However, while the console itself may be cheaper, purchasing several games at 70 euros each can significantly raise the total expenditure. In this case, some individuals favor PCs since, in the long run, the cost of games is lower. Unfortunately, this will no longer apply to game prices on Steam in countries like Argentina and Turkey, where games will cease to be cheap.

Both consoles and PCs have their pros and cons, but no one can deny that computer games tend to be more affordable. On PC, there are multiple stores to purchase games, with discounts available on platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and others. To save even more money, you can also access games via keys, although their prices are typically similar during sales.

Steam, undeniably the most popular PC gaming store and platform with tens of millions of players, has recently raised its prices in Argentina and Turkey. Although Epic Games has given away many games and is trying to emerge as its main competitor, Steam still maintains a higher player rate. From November 21st to November 28th, Steam will offer discounts on hundreds of games through its autumn sale. While this is good news for those looking to buy their favorite games, the sale comes with the unfortunate news that it will affect players from certain countries.

On November 20th, Valve finally changed its policy, causing the prices of games in Turkey and Argentina to increase. Until then, games in these countries were significantly cheaper due to the local currency. Now, Valve has converted the prices directly to dollars, resulting in the same cost as in other countries. This change will force lower-income countries like Argentina to pay much more for games on Steam.

In Argentina, Steam games now cost up to 44 times more. This price increase affects popular titles like Civilization VI, which previously cost $1.36 but now costs $59.99. Similarly, Stardew Valley previously cost $0.49 but now costs $14.99, which is 30 times more. Other games such as Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 6, Farming Simulator 22, Black Desert, Europa Universalis IV, Rainbow Six, Phasmophobia, Half-Life 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 saw price increases ranging from 180% to 2,700%.

Valve made this decision, claiming that it was unfair for game developers to have to adjust prices constantly. This change also puts an end to individuals who falsified their region to obtain cheaper games. However, players residing in Argentina and Turkey will experience the repercussions.

As a result, purchasing Steam games with a VPN in Argentina and Turkey will no longer be an option as prices have increased by 4,298%.

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