NVIDIA Fixes Stuttering Issues with V-Sync and Discord Color Problems in this Hotfix Driver Update

NVIDIA Fixes Stuttering Issues with V-Sync and Discord Color Problems in this Hotfix Driver Update

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NVIDIA corrige los problemas de stuttering al usar V-Sync y los colores en Discord con este driver Hotfix

When we purchase a graphics card, we can get an idea of its gaming performance by looking at reviews and comparing various websites or videos to see where it stands. However, even if we have a graphics card like the RTX 4090, the truth is that without drivers, it will not perform as it should. These drivers are updated periodically to provide the best performance in the latest games and to fix bugs. After announcing new drivers yesterday, NVIDIA quickly released a Hotfix 546.31 driver, which addresses Discord issues and stuttering that occurred with V-Sync enabled in games.

When buying a PC, it is always recommended to update all drivers and even the BIOS as soon as possible, to avoid problems that may arise when using older versions. The drivers of computer components are very important to ensure that they function correctly, especially for graphics cards. There are people who purchase a new GPU, install it directly, and forget about it, causing problems.

NVIDIA solves stuttering with V-Sync issue with its latest Hotfix 546.31 driver

Some people switch from NVIDIA to AMD or vice versa, and when they install the new GPU, they don’t just search for the new drivers, but they also leave the ones from the other brand installed. This is not recommended, and it is always better to perform a clean installation. Speaking of drivers and things not recommended, NVIDIA’s Hotfix drivers may not be the most suitable for most gamers. They are a beta version of the drivers and, of course, have not gone through the usual quality checks.

However, if you experience desaturated colors when streaming games on Discord, or if you experience stuttering (a feeling of low fluidity and FPS drops) when playing with V-Sync, this driver is for you. NVIDIA’s Hotfix 546.31 driver precisely solves both problems, and it is not necessary to wait for the next official Game Ready driver, which takes much longer to arrive.

If we do not suffer from these issues, we can stick with the official drivers

The Hotfix 546.31 drivers can already be downloaded, but be aware that they only fix the color problem in Discord and stuttering in games with V-Sync. Hence, if you are not affected by these issues, it’s better to stick with the official drivers. Remember that NVIDIA launched its Game Ready 546.29 drivers yesterday, which have likely appeared in GeForce Experience. These are compatible with the launch of DLSS 3 for Call of Duty: Warzone on December 6. Ray Tracing and DLSS Ray Reconstruction will also be added to both Warzone and Modern Warfare III on the same day.

The latest official drivers are updated to support Cyberpunk 2077 and its patch 2.1, further improving the quality of Ray Tracing and Ray Reconstruction. Additionally, it supports Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora games with DLSS and RTX for December 7. Coinciding with that release, we have THRONE AND LIBERTY, the latest MMORPG from NCSoft. Finally, seven new G-SYNC-compatible screens and twelve more optimal game configuration profiles are added.

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