Over Half of Tech Industry Workers Believe AI is Overhyped

Over Half of Tech Industry Workers Believe AI is Overhyped

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Más de la mitad de los trabajadores del sector tecnológico creen que la IA está sobrevalorada

Every time we discuss AI, we have in mind that they are genuinely useful in many aspects, but they have also become the cause of job displacement for workers. We have seen this happen, with companies like Domestika replacing 45% of their staff and even IBM warning that its employees will need to learn about AI to stay with the company. However, a recent survey targeting technology industry workers shows that over 50% believe that AI is overhyped and not that impressive.

The number of times we have seen AI capable of doing a person’s job is what is causing us to fear the future of the job market. Companies like Amazon have invested in and developed humanoid robots that work in their warehouses. Artificial intelligence is not limited to the digital realm, as over time it can give life to intelligent androids. It all sounds very sci-fi, but we have already seen AI-powered robots like Nadine who have the task of caring for the elderly.

In the survey, 51.6% of the respondents believe that AI is overvalued

Little by little, society is adapting to new technologies. In the case of artificial intelligence, we see it being incorporated into more and more aspects of our lives. Each person’s perspective will change, but we cannot deny that society and businesses are increasingly interested in making progress.

Retool, a business software platform, was curious to know how technology company workers feel. These workers are in sectors where AI is present or related to their field, and yet they are not very afraid. Of the more than 1,500 people who participated, 51.6% think that AI is overvalued, at least in its current state.

Furthermore, 44.9% of the respondents do not think there is enough investment in AI

Among the respondents are software engineers, executives, designers, product managers, and technology industry leaders. 23% of them believe that AI is accurately valued, while the remaining 26% think it is undervalued. Among the respondents, senior executives have probably voted in favor of AI, as it allows them to save on costs if they replace their employees.

On the other hand, workers are willing to use generative AI in their workplaces if it helps increase productivity. Most of them are skeptical that AI will genuinely replace them. Although it has happened in some companies, the truth is that the practice has not yet spread too far or become more widespread.

It’s true that chatbots like ChatGPT can efficiently perform customer service tasks and other services, but they still make mistakes. Other survey questions addressed the investment in AI by companies, with just over 50% believing that it is appropriate and 4.4% thinking that it is too much. Finally, 77.1% of respondents feel that their companies are making an effort to adopt AI in the workplace.

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