Palworld Becomes Steam's Third Most-Played Game: Also Gets a Pokémon Conversion Mod

Palworld Becomes Steam’s Third Most-Played Game: Also Gets a Pokémon Conversion Mod

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Palworld ya es el tercer juego más jugado de Steam: además recibe un mod para convertirlo en Pokémon

Palworld has become an unstoppable train, as a Pokémon mod is on its way, and the game has broken several records over the weekend. The most important of all is that the game has exceeded 1.5 million concurrent players, with a total of 1,582,482 concurrent players.

With these numbers, Palworld ranks as the third most played game in Steam’s history. Although Steam values it this way, we are actually talking about the third game with the highest number of concurrent players. Palworld is only surpassed by Counter-Strike 2 (1,818,773) and a far-off PUBG: Battlegrounds (3,257,248). However, PUBG and CS2 have reached their maximum user quota thanks to offering a free-to-play experience. To give an idea, it has surpassed heavyweights like Dota 2 (1,295,114), Cyberpunk 2077 (1,054,388), and Elden Ring (953,426).

Palworld also manages to surpass 5 million copies sold

Many scoffed at Palworld’s sales compared to the latest Pokémon games. However, Palworld has reached 5 million copies sold in its first three days on the market. This gives us an average of 1.66 million copies sold for a game that is still in Early Access. This is added to the fact that it is also on Xbox Game Pass, and has “only” been released on PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

For context, Nintendo managed to sell 25 million copies of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple since its launch. However, this game is available for a Nintendo Switch that has sold more than 135 million units. In its first 3 days of release, it sold twice as many copies as Palworld, 10 million.

Without a doubt, these are pretty good numbers, practically better than any Triple-A game that has come out in recent months. And even more so for a game that was expected to be a simple garbage, created to generate memes with the excuse of resembling a Pokémon and little else. In truth, we are dealing with a game rich in mechanics despite being in an early stage of development.

Perhaps the most interesting of all is that Palworld will have a mod to turn it into a Pokémon

As expected, Palworld already has its own Pokémon mod. This was revealed by a YouTuber who announced that he would play it tomorrow to showcase it. However, this might be costly, as Nintendo is known for having a quick trigger when it comes to filing Copyright complaints. Thus, drawing attention to take advantage of the popularity of the game, and this mod, could be very expensive.

The arrival of a Pokémon mod should not surprise anyone. Hundreds of mods will come, but obviously due to the game’s theme and “uniqueness”. It is logical that a Pokémon mod fits like a glove. Even more so if the just over 100 pals are replaced by a Pokémon counterpart by type or power. Of course, as the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, the legendary Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town, could not be missing. Nor his most famous Pokémon in the world: Pikachu.

Palworld is now the third most played game on Steam and has received a mod to turn it into Pokémon.

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