Relive the Past with Atari GameStation Portable: The Retro Handheld Console Featuring Original Classic Controls and Over 200 Games

Relive the Past with Atari GameStation Portable: The Retro Handheld Console Featuring Original Classic Controls and Over 200 Games

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Rememora el pasado con Atari GameStation Portable, la consola portátil retro con los controles clásicos originales y más de 200 juegos

Old gaming consoles continue to have a strong market presence, as these no-longer-manufactured devices are highly appreciated by collectors and gamers who want to relive their nostalgia. These consoles are the only way to play games natively in their original versions, as everything else operates through emulation. My Arcade has introduced their Atari GameStation Portable, a portable console with a completely retro design, featuring the controls of the old Atari systems.

The Atari VCS (Video Computer System) was launched in 1977, becoming the first home video game console to gain popularity. It was sold with two joysticks, two paddle controllers, and the game Combat from 1977 to 1983. After this, newer versions of the console were released, such as the Atari 5200, but the 2600 was arguably the most well-known of all, as it became the top seller in the United States at the time.

The Atari GameStation Portable includes a paddle dial, a trackball, and even a numeric keypad.

Atari, a company with a long history in the gaming world, maintains its presence today despite diminished fame compared to decades ago. In fact, a few months ago, the company announced the Atari 2600+ console, which emulates the VCS from nearly 50 years ago. It resembles the VCS in design, paddle controllers, and even accepts traditional game cartridges.

During CES 2024, My Arcade introduced three new consoles: Atari Super Player, Atari Mega Player, and Atari GameStation Portable. Focusing on the latter, this interesting device is a portable console with a 7-inch screen and the iconic paddle controls of the old consoles. The upper left section features a dial that functions as a paddle, while the trackball is located in the lower section, along with the classic D-Pad and buttons (ABXY, Start, and Select).

The console includes a 7-inch screen, two USB-C ports, and is priced at $149.

The Atari GameStation Portable also includes a numeric keypad with numbers 1 through 9, as seen in promotional images. This completely retro-looking console allows users to play over 200 classic Atari games in portable format with a large screen. However, as of now, there is no information on the specific hardware specifications.

The type of SoC used and the characteristics of its screen, besides being “high resolution,” remain unknown. My Arcade has chosen to use its own operating system for playing these retro games, rather than opting for SteamOS or Windows. Additionally, the device includes two USB-C ports on the back, a stand, and LEDs that illuminate compatible buttons for the games. My Arcade will sell the Atari GameStation Portable in September or October of 2024, with a price of $149.

Relive the past with the Atari GameStation Portable, the retro portable console featuring the original classic controls and over 200 games.

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