Revealing the Most Popular GPU and Motherboard Brand in China - The World's Largest Market

Revealing the Most Popular GPU and Motherboard Brand in China – The World’s Largest Market

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China, el mayor mercado del mundo, presenta sus datos de envíos en GPU y placas base, ¿cuál es la marca más popular?

When a new generation of graphics cards arrives, all brands prepare to launch their new models. In most cases, the design and heat sinks from other GPU models or even from past generations are reused. On other occasions, there is an attempt to innovate and offer a better or more aesthetically pleasing cooling system. Choosing between the different brands depends on us and what we are looking for, as the graphics cards are essentially the same, except for temperature/noise differences and a little performance. In China, GPU and motherboard shipments from various brands have been collected for November 2023, so we will see which one has been the most popular.

Depending on where we live, acquiring PC hardware can be either incredibly expensive or relatively affordable. For example, in Latin American countries with lower salaries, purchasing a GPU or an entire PC can be very expensive. Some people need to save for months or even years to have the dream computer they desire. On the other hand, in countries like the United States, with the wages and offers available, hardware can be acquired relatively easily.

In China, there has been an 11% increase in shipments compared to last year and an 8% drop compared to the previous month.

China has been dealing with the United States for some time, precisely because the Americans have prevented the sale of high-performance hardware in the country. This might give the impression that the Asian giant is completely isolated, but that is not entirely the case. In fact, a comparative chart has been made between brands to see GPU shipments in mainland China throughout October and November.

In November 2023, there was an 8% decrease in shipments compared to October 2023. However, this represents an 11% increase compared to November 2022. Most of the graphics card sales were made online and there are differences between brands. As indicated, there is low demand from the offline market, so sales depend on online platforms.

Colorful leads GPU shipments in China in 2023

In terms of shipments, the most popular GPU brand in China is undoubtedly Colorful, which is even known in the West, though it has a more significant presence in Asia. Following that, we have ASUS, which is very popular in other countries and offers some of the best graphics cards (though they are also more expensive). In third place, we have MSI, a Taiwanese brand that most of us know, be it for their GPUs or their laptops. In fourth place comes GIGABYTE, another brand from that country, which experienced a significant drop compared to October.

In fifth place is GALAX, which in Europe is known as KFA2 and offers some of the cheapest graphics cards we find. In sixth place, we have Zotac, which, like KFA2, offers more affordable graphics cards than other brands. In seventh place, we have “Gengsheng” and in eighth place is MAXSUN, a Chinese company that is starting to make a name for itself in the West, and in fact, we can buy their graphics cards on Amazon or even Shein, as strange as that may seem.

In motherboard shipments, ASUS ranks first in China in 2023

After showing the GPU shipments in China during November 2023, the motherboard shipments have also been revealed. Here, we see a 9% increase compared to last year and a 1% drop compared to October. ASUS is in first place, followed by GIGABYTE and MSI, which are the main brands in the West.

In fourth place is Colorful, which previously had won in the graphics card sector. In fifth place is “Maxxuan” and following in sixth place is “Onda,” which we are not familiar with and may only be available on AliExpress. Occupying the seventh place is Biostar, and Sengqi is in the eighth and final position on this list.

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