Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's 5x Camera Achieves Better Low-Light Photos than S23 Ultra's 10x Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 5x Camera Achieves Better Low-Light Photos than S23 Ultra’s 10x Zoom

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La cámara 5x del Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra consigue mejores fotos con poca luz que la 10X del S23 Ultra

Tomorrow is the big day, and as expected, the latest leaks are emerging to reveal new information. In this case, we have a very peculiar one, not only because of the information itself but also because of the leaker. Why? Well, it has to do with the much-discussed camera and its quality. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will take better photos with its 5x camera when there isn’t much light, something that is actually being debated as we still don’t know exactly how it achieves this.

Leaker Ice Universe isn’t exactly a big fan of what Samsung has been doing lately with their flagship phones – in fact, they are very critical of the strategy. As we previously mentioned, these devices are “dead on arrival” in the market because there are other companies that will soon offer similar features, lower prices, and in some cases, even better cameras within just a couple of months. But… Samsung still has AI on its side.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a better low-light camera

To be specific, the leaker has already tested the device and stated the following:

The new 5x sensor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is generally more powerful than the 10x sensor from three years ago. For example, at night when the light is weak, the photos taken with the S24U’s 10x are very smooth and clean, while the 10x on the S23U is full of noise.

It’s important to note that the leaker is talking about the sensor but is really referring to the lens – something that is quite common to confuse. In fact, one of the main criticisms Samsung received for moving from the 10x to the 5x lens was not using a larger sensor to save costs.

So how is it possible that with this step back, a leaker who is usually not in favor of Samsung acknowledges that the S24 Ultra’s 5x camera takes better night photos?

Simple post-processing or post-processing plus AI?

If you have or have seen an S23 Ultra, you’ll know that the cameras tend to introduce some noise when they require a bit of sharpness to focus on something or someone. This issue is especially evident when applying zoom to each lens, where Apple, and especially Google, achieve better overall quality.

Knowing this issue and considering the newly designed lens – which is indeed new but apparently has a lower-quality sensor – there are only two ways to improve what a camera can capture with its two systems: improved simple post-processing or post-processing + AI on the phone.

Given Samsung’s push for AI, it’s possible that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will enable a leap in photo quality thanks to a new algorithm that cleans up image noise using Samsung’s patented AI. For now, it’s a mystery, but tomorrow we’ll know more after the device’s presentation, and shortly afterward, with reviews, we’ll see if Samsung has made a real advancement in terms of light, camera, and the S24 Ultra.

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