Sony DualSense 2: The latest patented PS5 controller featuring AI and screen for enhanced gaming experience

Sony DualSense 2: The latest patented PS5 controller featuring AI and screen for enhanced gaming experience

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Sony DualSense 2: el nuevo mando patentado para PS5 con IA y pantalla para ayudarnos en los juegos

Every time a new generation of consoles is released, we witness the debut of new game controllers and accessories. For decades, we have been using controllers with two joysticks, triggers, and buttons, and this will continue to exist in the future, but more changes are on the way. Reportedly, Sony is currently working on a future “DualSense 2” controller, which will feature AI and an integrated screen.

When the PS5 was launched in November 2020, it came with a new controller called DualSense. This was an evolution of the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4, featuring a new design and several unique features. The original DualSense design resembled the PlayStation 5 itself, with a white and black combination giving it a more futuristic look. The size and weight of the PS5 controller increased compared to its predecessor, making it more ergonomic for most players. Additionally, the introduction of haptic vibrations and adaptive triggers set it apart from other controllers.

Sony will release a DualSense 2 with a screen, AI, and joystick, trigger, and button lighting

Just as Xbox has its premium, customizable Elite controllers, Sony wanted to do something similar. The Japanese company introduced DualSense Edge controllers a few months ago, which turned out to be a disappointment. At a price of around 240 euros, they did not offer as much customization as expected, and even the quality control did not meet the standard for a product at that price.

The original DualSense remains a better purchase, considering it costs a quarter of the Edge’s price and offers almost the same features. If you want the best, be informed that a new version of the DualSense controller is on the horizon, according to a recently registered patent. For now, we will call it DualSense 2, as it significantly changes the design by integrating a screen in the area where the touchpad is located. This screen will assist players with guidance on which buttons to press. In fact, the buttons, triggers, and joysticks will light up when it is necessary to press them. Sony will use machine learning and AI to enable the integrated screen in the new DualSense 2.

The buttons to press will appear on the integrated touchpad screen

Many veteran players might not see any usefulness in a screen and AI for displaying which buttons to press. However, a large number of people are new to consoles or do not easily adapt to a new game and its controls. For more casual players, the use of a screen and AI in the future DualSense 2 controller could become an incentive to play.

There is no word on when this new version of DualSense will be released, but it could arrive with the PS5 Pro next year or directly with the PS6. Considering that the PlayStation 6 will focus on AI, and the DualSense Edge was recently launched, it makes more sense for the DualSense 2 to arrive with the PS6. Everything remains to be seen, and we are dependent on Sony making an official announcement, or else this will remain a theory.

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