Star Citizen Unveils Exciting New Trailer Showcasing the Power of StarEngine Graphics

Star Citizen Unveils Exciting New Trailer Showcasing the Power of StarEngine Graphics

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Star Citizen lanza un nuevo tráiler mostrando lo que es capaz de hacer el motor gráfico StarEngine

Star Citizen proudly displays the capabilities of its StarEngine graphics engine. To demonstrate, a 24-minute, uncut video has been released with no CGI, showcasing not only visual impressiveness but also seamless travel through billions of kilometers of different planets and galaxies without encountering a single loading screen.

Interestingly, this video was published almost a week ago, but has only now started to gain traction. Understandably, everyone hears about Star Citizen and is curious. Perhaps the most interesting part takes place at the beginning of the video, where we can enter and exit a planet or visit caves on these planets without a single loading screen. This seems to be a nod to what Starfield is not capable of doing, as Bethesda’s game has loading screens for entering and exiting caves, not to mention that entering or exiting planets only happens through a cinematic.

Star Citizen looks this impressive in the StarEngine demo:

“Everything you are going to see has been captured in the engine as a continuous shot with no loading screens. The distance between planets has been compressed for the sake of brevity.” This is the only information provided at the beginning of the video.

It’s clear that what is shown is impressive, especially considering the scale of the game. While the title receives a fair amount of criticism for not having a release date or updates that end up damaging parts of the game, this video shows that Star Citizen is the most advanced game out there, which undoubtedly causes numerous development issues.

That this is perhaps the most advanced graphics engine isn’t a secret. The Star Engine is none other than the Amazon Lumberyard graphics engine, which is itself a heavily based version of Crytek’s CryEngine 3. While not many details are available, this video arrives to display the latest updated version used by Star Citizen’s graphics engine. These improvements include enhanced quality (lighting, reflections, and particles), a higher number of NPCs and ships to add even more life to the game, and even “real-time generation and rendering of large-scale asteroid belts.”

Will it eventually become a game that attracts millions of players?

Though it is still unknown when a Star Citizen 1.0 will be released, the game continues to look better and better. In fact, a new racing mode with ships and ground vehicles will be added on Thursday night. Thus, in addition to the StarEngine, Star Citizen is receiving numerous parallel updates focused on many aspects.

At the time of writing, at least 4.95 million players have played Star Citizen, and the game has raised nearly $645 million. On the worst days, it has raised $1.33 million and on the best, $3.59 million. These revenues are mainly tied to the sale of in-game ships.

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