Steam Deck 2: Leaked Specifications, Release Date, and Price - Unveiling Exciting Details

Steam Deck 2: Leaked Specifications, Release Date, and Price – Unveiling Exciting Details

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Steam Deck 2: especificaciones filtradas, fecha de lanzamiento y precio

Almost 10 years ago, Valve announced a project to create a Steam Machine, which would combine a console with PC hardware. At that time, it was challenging to develop something small and powerful in console format, but with all the advancements in the following years, it has been made possible. The idea of a desktop Steam Machine has been discarded, as the Steam Deck now offers a portable console with PC hardware. A few months have passed since the Steam Deck OLED, and we now have leaked information regarding the alleged specifications, price, and release date of the future Steam Deck 2.

The launch of the Steam Deck in early 2022 took many by surprise. Valve’s first portable console promised the ability to play all Steam games anytime and anywhere. With this promise, gamers worldwide were eager to get their hands on this console, and thanks to its competitive pricing, sales were impressive. The Steam Deck has been outselling many top-selling games on the platform, showing its popularity.

Specifications, release date, and price of the Steam Deck 2 have been leaked, and it is expected to arrive in late 2026.

The interest in Steam Deck hasn’t waned, as we recall the Steam Deck OLED, which boasted improved screen and battery performance, was released a few months ago. Utilizing a 90Hz OLED panel resulted in not only enhanced fluidity but also pure blacks and lower latency. Another significant improvement was the battery life, which reportedly lasted about 50% longer due to increased capacity, lower consumption screen, and a more efficient SoC. While these upgrades were more than welcome, there haven’t been many differences in performance.

Gamers are still waiting for a Steam Deck 2 that truly feels like an evolution. Several rumors and leaks have surfaced about this, such as its alleged 2025 launch, which may get postponed to 2026. A recent leak on the Chinese forum Chiphell indicates a release date of late 2026, along with several specifications for the Steam Deck 2.

The device is expected to have a 900p 90Hz OLED screen, a 6-core CPU, and a GPU with 1,024 cores, all for $555.

Delayed until late 2026 means waiting almost 3 years since it’s now 2024. The Chinese leaker suggests a launch between the third and fourth quarters of 2026. Furthermore, the Steam Deck 2’s specifications include a 6-core CPU based on the Zen 4 architecture, using 4 Zen 4 cores and 2 Zen 4c Hawk Point cores, similar to the Ryzen 8000 laptop chips. It will also use a 900p 90Hz OLED screen, following the current trend due to its positive results.

Regarding the AMD GPU, it is reportedly going to have 8 WGP (16 CU), translating to 1,024 cores, 256 more than the current most potent integrated Radeon 780M. Additionally, the Steam Deck 2 will utilize LPDDR5X RAM at 8,533 MHz. Given how well iGPUs work with high-speed RAM to increase FPS, this addition should prove beneficial. Finally, it is suggested that the device will cost $555 on Amazon, making it almost the same price as the 512GB Steam Deck OLED and $200 more than the original 64GB Steam Deck.

This information first appeared on El Chapuzas Inform√°tico.

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