Testing the Intel Processor 300: A CPU Ideal for Office Work Usage Only

Testing the Intel Processor 300: A CPU Ideal for Office Work Usage Only

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Intel Processor 300 a prueba: una CPU solo recomendable para uso ofimático

The first performance test of the Intel Processor 300, the most basic CPU of the Raptor Lake family, has arrived from Japan. It’s worth noting that this processor resulted in the discontinuation of the Intel Celeron and Pentium processor families. However, in reality, the performance of the company’s most basic product range hasn’t significantly increased.

Specifically, in terms of performance, it’s comparable to a new-generation Intel Pentium Gold processor. There isn’t a drastic improvement in performance, so we can say that the name change has had more impact than any actual performance improvements compared to the processors it replaces.

The Intel Processor 300 is a 2-core CPU in 2024

The Intel Processor 300 is a Raptor Lake family processor manufactured with Intel 7 lithography. It offers only a configuration of 2 high-performance (P-Core) cores, accompanied by 4 processing threads. These cores operate at a fixed frequency of 3.90 GHz and come with 6 MB of cache memory. Despite having only two cores, its TDP is considered very high compared to Arm solutions, at 46W. In terms of graphics, it integrates a simple Intel UHD Graphics 710 iGPU with 16 Execution Units and a maximum operating frequency of 1.45 GHz.

As a reference, we could say that its predecessor is the Intel Pentium Gold G7400. This is based on the Alder Lake family and shares the same lithography, core configuration, cache, and TDP. The most notable difference is that this processor operates at 3.70 GHz, 200 MHz slower. And yes, as you may have guessed, the performance difference between the two CPUs is minimal.

The performance of this CPU is deficient in most aspects

With these specifications, it’s no surprise that the Intel Processor 300 is a processor to avoid if its intended use goes beyond office work, web browsing, or multimedia. It’s not suitable for gaming, as it creates a significant bottleneck. While on average it will run Cyberpunk 2077 at 56 FPS at 1080p, an Intel Core i9-14900K will reach 285 FPS. At least in older games like Call of Duty, it will run at 95 FPS, but with the same configuration and dedicated GPU, a Core i9-14900K will reach 343 FPS. Even a Core i3-14100 will be around 155 FPS.

In productivity benchmarks, the Intel Processor 300 feels just as slow. Basically, it’s 200 MHz faster than the Pentium Gold G7400, so the performance difference is negligible. In Cinebench 2024, it scores 88 points for single-core performance and 216 points for multi-core performance. The Pentium Gold trails with 84 and 213 points, respectively. The Core i3-14100 stands out significantly with 102 points for single-core performance and 490 points for multi-core. Meanwhile, the Core i5 scores around 900-1,400 points, the Core i7 reaches 1,900 points, and the Core i9 climbs up to 2,100 points.

It’s logical to see this CPU in typical budget Mini-PCs for office use. Outside of that, it doesn’t make sense to purchase any system with this CPU, especially knowing that it costs 115 euros.

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