The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Premium Phone with One of the Worst Cameras in 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Premium Phone with One of the Worst Cameras in 2024

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El Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra será el móvil de gama alta con una de las peores cámaras de 2024

Although it may seem unbelievable and even though it hasn’t hit the market yet, Samsung’s calculations and rush to bring its device to compete against Google and Apple may come at a cost, and not one that the Koreans are going to like. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has seen its definitive camera features leaked, and surprisingly, without having been presented yet, we already know it will be behind any 2024 terminal for its respective range. Has Samsung made a mistake?

It seems so, but we need to analyze everything that is happening in two distinct parts. Therefore, we will start with the latest leak about the cameras and then look at all the reasons for the upcoming year and where the Koreans made their mistake.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, leaked cameras with all their features

The leak comes from inside the company, as reported by South Korean media, so it seems very reliable and in line with what we saw more than a month ago, where we already said that the “telephoto” sensor was not the most appropriate at the moment. Well, these are the final specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera:

Main 200 MP camera manufactured by Samsung itself.

12 MP wide-angle lens made by Sunny Optical and Namuga.

Telephoto camera with 10 MP and 10x optical zoom, a collaboration between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Sunny Optical.

50 MP telephoto camera manufactured by Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Sunny Optical.

12 MP front-facing camera created by Namuga and MCNEX.

Given these specifications, it is really difficult to believe that it cannot be the best camera of 2024, or at least, compete with the Pixel 8 Pro for that, but the next year is highly charged with novelties. It goes without saying that the S24 and the S24+ have the same cameras as the Ultra, something that initially doesn’t make sense in our market. Perhaps the information is for South Korea, and in other markets, the Ultra will have this configuration, and the other two will be different in the camera department; it remains to be seen.

Why could this high-end device have the worst camera of 2024?

It is a matter of timing. As Samsung has advanced the presentation, it has not had time to implement Sony’s latest sensors, and this will weigh it down throughout the year because the S24 Ultra will be just that, a device with a 2024 label but carrying 2023 hardware, technically speaking.

A few days ago, we briefly mentioned the upcoming sensors, as the Japanese have achieved a 1-inch sensor with significant improvements. We are talking about the Sony LYT-900. This sensor will be presented in the Oppo Find X7 Pro and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in a few months, but what makes it so special?

It is a 1-inch (16,384 mm diagonal) sensor with 50 effective megapixels and a 1.6 μm pixel size. What does this mean? It can capture light much better, but above all, Sony has engineered a new stacked sensor design that separates the photodiodes from the light capture against the transistors, all in two layers.

Therefore, it’s not that it has one inch, it’s that it has more available area to capture light, and in dark or very dark scenes, it will make a difference, at least on paper. As such, Samsung has not included it and will have to wait for the S25 Ultra, where, if advanced, could arrive in December 2024, leaving 11 months between both models.

What is certain is that the S24 Ultra’s camera will not be the best next year, and that could weigh down sales, especially since Samsung has nothing prepared to improve it through AI as Google does, mitigating the problem as we saw with Video Boost or Magic Boost.

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