TSMC R&D Employees to Receive Up to $3,259 Bonuses Following 2nm A14 Process Breakthrough

TSMC R&D Employees to Receive Up to $3,259 Bonuses Following 2nm A14 Process Breakthrough

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Los trabajadores de I+D de TSMC recibir√°n bonos de hasta 3.259$ tras realizar avances en el proceso A14 a 2 nm

The semiconductor industry plays a crucial role in our lives, as we depend on them more than ever due to the increasing number of electronic devices. Everything is adapting to new technologies, and chips are required for everything. Companies like TSMC are considered leaders in this industry, and their latest advances have given them an edge against their rivals. TSMC has now developed its 2-nanometer A14 process, which the company has celebrated by granting compensations and wage bonuses to its workers by the end of 2023.

When purchasing an AMD or NVIDIA CPU or GPU, it is likely that it was created using a TSMC node. Although in the past, they have alternated with Samsung (for the RTX 30 series), TSMC is now utilized in the current RTX 40 series and has been used in AMD GPUs for years. As for processors, AMD has relied heavily on TSMC since the inception of the Zen architecture, and we have seen its evolution up to the current Ryzen 7000 at 5 nm.

TSMC plans to reward its employees with wage bonuses before the end of 2023

Undoubtedly, TSMC currently has no rival, not even Samsung when it launched its 3-nanometer process, being the first in the industry. In the case of the South Korean company, this 3 nm node was not chosen by well-known clients. In fact, the first client was a cryptocurrency company, as ASICs were supposedly going to be produced with those 3 nm. In contrast, TSMC has a list of crucial clients, including Apple.

The industry eagerly awaits TSMC’s advancements with high expectations for their next development. Latest reports announce that TSMC is prepared to mass-produce 2-nanometer chips by 2025. By the end of 2023, the Taiwanese company has transitioned from the N series to the A series, corresponding to its most advanced processes. To celebrate the advancements in the A10 and A14 2 nm manufacturing nodes, along with the strong stock market performance in 2023, TSMC has decided to compensate its workers with wage bonuses.

TSMC is the most valuable publicly-traded company in Taiwan

Generally, TSMC does not usually provide bonuses or compensations to its workers, but this time, rewards are announced for the R&D team. These TSMC employees will receive wage bonuses ranging from 6,000 to 100,000 New Taiwan dollars, equivalent to up to 3,259 US dollars. It is unknown whether the compensation depends on years of experience at TSMC or other factors. Another reason the company chose to provide compensations is that TSMC has a market capitalization of 15.38 trillion New Taiwan dollars on the Taipei Stock Exchange.

This makes it the most valuable company in Taiwan, and with the rise of AI and the need to create faster GPUs in that sector using TSMC nodes, the future looks highly promising.

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