What If the Internet Went Down for One Minute Worldwide? Discover the Financial Impact on Countries and Businesses!

What If the Internet Went Down for One Minute Worldwide? Discover the Financial Impact on Countries and Businesses!

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¿Qué pasaría si Internet se cae durante 1 minuto a nivel global? Este es el dinero que perderían los países y las empresas

Today, the vast majority of people worldwide use the Internet at some point in their daily lives. Even third-world countries have Internet access, albeit through limited data plans and low-speed smartphones. The Internet has not only become an extremely useful tool but can also be considered indispensable for maintaining current operations. In fact, studies have analyzed the economic losses resulting from one minute without the Internet, for both individual countries and major companies.

Before the Internet, we relied primarily on newspapers and television to know what was happening in the world. To gain knowledge on any subject, we had to visit libraries looking for books, and overall, everything took much longer. Now, with just a simple Google search, we can access thousands of web pages instantly, and visit any of them to instantly find what we’re looking for.

A one-minute Internet outage would result in economic losses of 20 million dollars.

The Internet is not only about browsing; it also enables communication with anyone in the world, no matter where we are, as long as there’s a connection. We can be thousands of miles apart and still communicate via text, audio, or even video. Internet use has also changed the way we shop, with more and more people turning to online stores instead of physical locations. It’s clear that the Internet has become a key component of our society, but what would happen if there were a global Internet outage for just one minute? As you can see, the economic losses would be catastrophic.

Globally, we’re talking about a loss of 20 million dollars, with the United States leading the list of affected countries with losses of 7.65 million. Close behind is China, with losses of 6.8 million dollars. The United Kingdom is in third place, followed by Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, and Russia. Our country ranks eleventh, with economic losses of 394,274 dollars due to the Internet outage. We’re talking about one minute, but if this were to last longer, we’d be discussing losses in the trillions of dollars.

Amazon would lose nearly 1 million dollars per minute without the Internet

Now let’s look at the economic losses for the companies most affected by an Internet outage. Amazon is the clear leader, with losses of nearly 978,000 dollars per minute. Behind it, at nearly half the amount, is Alphabet, Google’s parent company, which would suffer losses of 538,120 dollars per minute. Following that is Meta, with a loss of 221,858 dollars. ByteDance, the creators of TikTok, would rank fourth with 162,100 dollars. Netflix and PayPal hold the fifth and sixth places, with Salesforce in seventh. In eighth place, we find Twitter/X, which wouldn’t suffer significant losses, with 8,371 dollars per minute. Lastly, and perhaps surprisingly, is OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, with negligible losses of just 53 dollars per minute.

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