XREAL Air 2 Ultra: Experience Augmented Reality with OLED Displays, 1080p at 120Hz, and Compatibility with Android, iOS, and PC

XREAL Air 2 Ultra: Experience Augmented Reality with OLED Displays, 1080p at 120Hz, and Compatibility with Android, iOS, and PC

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XREAL Air 2 Ultra: las gafas de Realidad Aumentada con pantallas OLED, 1080p a 120 Hz y compatibles con Android, iOS y PC

Augmented reality glasses provide an immersive experience while remaining in the real world. Unlike virtual reality, we do not immerse ourselves in entirely artificial environments, but rather add content to our room or location. For example, we can interact with interfaces, screens, or 3D models while still seeing our real-world surroundings, preventing unexpected collisions or scares. The competition in this sector is continually growing, and the XREAL Air 2 Ultra augmented reality glasses showcase their innovations while proving to be rivals to the Apple Vision Pro.

Mixed reality glasses combine augmented reality with virtual reality, offering the best of both worlds. These are most recommended for users who want both technologies or simply those who do not want to focus solely on VR or AR. This is where glasses like the Meta Quest 3 have managed to carve out a market niche and enjoy great popularity among users.

XREAL unveils its new AR Air 2 Ultra glasses, featuring two additional sensors for tracking.

While the Meta Quest 3 caters to a more generalized audience, the Apple Vision Pro takes a different path. These $3,499 glasses from Apple provide a leisure, multimedia, and work experience aimed at a specific market niche. Due to their high price, the company only plans to launch 200,000 units throughout 2024, with a release expected later this month.

Both the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 have been classified as direct rivals to the Air 2 Ultra by XREAL. The Air 2 Ultra is a stylish pair of augmented reality glasses with a sunglasses-like design. They are an upgraded version of the Air 2, featuring a titanium frame and slightly increased weight. The original weighed 72 grams, while the Air 2 Ultra version reaches 80 grams, a 10% increase. In return, this model includes two new cameras that act as environmental sensors embedded in the sides of the glasses. These cameras enable accurate tracking of the user’s position and hand movements.

Priced at $699, XREAL claims they compete against the Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

As for the other specifications of the XREAL Air 2 Ultra, they have a 1080p OLED display per eye with a maximum frequency of 120 Hz and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. The field of view (FOV) has been expanded from 46 to 52 degrees in this Ultra model. According to Tom’s Hardware, it is equivalent to viewing a 154-inch screen from 4 meters away. These glasses feature three levels of dimming technology and a directional audio system thanks to their integrated speakers. The glasses are designed to connect to smartphones, tablets, or PCs via a USB-C cable.

This makes them compatible with most Android devices and Apple’s iPhone 15. If older iPhones are to be used, an adapter is required. Lastly, these glasses come with a TUV certification and offer color calibration, low blue light emission, and are Flicker Free. These glasses are available on the official website for $699, although they are not expected to launch until March 2024.

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra: Augmented Reality Glasses with OLED displays, 1080p at 120 Hz, and compatible with Android, iOS, and PC are first mentioned in El Chapuzas Inform√°tico.

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