YouTube Introduces Playables for Premium Subscribers: 37 Arcade Games for PC and Mobile Accessible from the Web

YouTube Introduces Playables for Premium Subscribers: 37 Arcade Games for PC and Mobile Accessible from the Web

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YouTube lanza Playables para suscriptores premium: 37 juegos arcade para PC y móvil desde la web

Google acquired YouTube in 2006, and since then, the internet’s most popular video platform has undergone several changes. A few months ago, one of the most controversial changes occurred when YouTube implemented a strict restriction preventing users with AdBlock or ad-blocking browsers from watching videos. YouTube aims to encourage more users to switch to its Premium subscription model and has recently launched the Playables section, where users can play online games from their browsers.

Over the years, YouTube has evolved from a website exclusively for uploading videos to offering additional features. For instance, users can now rent or purchase movies through the platform, which makes sense considering its ownership by Google and connection to the Play Store. Additionally, YouTube began implementing video advertising a few years ago, although ad-blockers eventually blocked it.

The platform is now aggressively promoting the advantages of the Premium subscription. As a result of YouTube’s AdBlock detection, many people have opted to uninstall these extensions as they could not watch videos otherwise. Some users may have considered the Premium subscription as a way to avoid ads. However, the current subscription model is relatively unappealing, prompting the introduction of YouTube Playables to offer something “new” in the form of a section for playing online arcade games directly from the browser.

Playables was first mentioned in June of this year, designed to offer something new to Premium subscribers while also increasing revenue. With Playables now available, a glance at the platform shows a total of 37 games, including titles such as 8 Ball Billiards Classic, Brain Out, Stack Bounce, and Angry Birds Showdown. Although these arcade games are not entirely new, they do provide an extra benefit for YouTube Premium subscribers.

A significant advantage of YouTube Playables is that users do not need to download the videogames but can directly start playing them. All of these games can be played on a browser on a computer or the mobile app. While YouTube initially wanted to add advertisements while players were gaming, it remains unclear whether this feature has been added or if the games are simply free for Premium subscribers.

Interestingly, these arcade games have an expiration date, as YouTube states that Playables will only be available until March 28, 2024. The company aims to assess the viability of this type of content and determine its worth. While the games may not be appealing to the average player, they may hold appeal for those seeking a more casual experience.

In conclusion, YouTube has launched the Playables feature, which offers 37 arcade games for Premium subscribers. The new offering allows users to play these games both on their computers via browsers and on their mobile devices through the app, providing an enhanced experience to Premium users.

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