10-Core Intel Core i5-14450HX Surfaces on Geekbench: Exciting Performance Boosts Ahead

10-Core Intel Core i5-14450HX Surfaces on Geekbench: Exciting Performance Boosts Ahead

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Un Intel Core i5-14450HX de 10 nĂșcleos aparece por Geekbench

The basic 14th Gen Intel Core processor for laptops, the Core i5-14450HX, has been spotted in benchmarking software Geekbench 5.4. In terms of specifications, there are not many changes compared to its predecessor, the Core i5-13450HX, with the most significant change being the graphical performance.

This should not be surprising, as we are comparing a Raptor Lake Refresh processor with a Raptor Lake processor. Both have the same core configuration, core architecture, and manufacturing process. This release may not make much sense unless Intel has a low production of more interesting CPUs, such as the Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake). However, the high-performance CPUs in this range will arrive around March.

Specifications of the Intel Core i5-14450HX

The Intel Core i5-14450HX is the most basic processor in the 14th Gen Intel Core HX-Series family. It offers a configuration of 10 cores and 16 processing threads. These are divided into six high-performance P-Core and four energy-efficient E-Core. In terms of frequencies, it has a base frequency of 2.60 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.80 GHz. Interestingly, its predecessor is a “lower-tier” Core i3-13450HX with the same core configuration but a base frequency of 2.40 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.60 GHz.

Another change is in the graphics, where the iGPU switches from 16 Execution Units to a high-end 32 Execution Units. However, these are Intel HD graphics that are not very useful. Intel Core Ultra is the only one with Intel Arc graphics. Therefore, with a mild overclock and improving the iGPU, we already have a “new” CPU for the 14th Gen Intel Core HX-Series processors.

Performance achieved in Geekbench 5.4 by this CPU

The Intel Core i5-14450HX appeared in a Colorful M15 laptop. In this laptop, it achieved a single-core performance of 1,776 points. Regarding multi-core performance, it scored 11,026 points. Curiously, this performance is even lower than that of its predecessor, the Core i5-13450HX.

Logic dictates that this processor should actually be slightly more powerful. However, comparing laptop CPU performance can be unpredictable, as it depends on the cooling system of the laptop itself. This could explain why the Colorful M15 may have a less-than-optimal cooling system that does not allow the CPU’s true performance to be unleashed. Consequently, with overheating, the CPU might operate at a lower frequency, yielding slightly lower performance than its predecessor (11,026 vs 11,353 points).

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