Activate Your Stadia Controller's Bluetooth Connectivity by December 31, 2024

Activate Your Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth Connectivity by December 31, 2024

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Tendrás hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2024 para activar la conectividad Bluetooth de tu mando Stadia

Google has decided to extend the deadline for users with a Google Stadia controller to give it new life by activating its Bluetooth connectivity. It is worth noting that after the death of the Google Stadia streaming platform, the controller is useless unless connected by wire. In this way, a wireless controller is condemned to use with a cable. This controller works by connecting to Stadia servers, which have already been deactivated. Without these, the controllers are not functional.

After the closure, Google released a firmware update allowing these controllers to access Bluetooth connectivity. This obviously allows the controller to connect with any Bluetooth device for use, such as a PC, console, portable console, mobile device, or even a Smart TV. For some strange reason, Google chose December 31 as the deadline for the update. Now, the news is that this deadline has been extended until the end of 2024.

You can activate the Bluetooth on your Google Stadia controller until December 31, 2024.

Someone within Google decided that the Stadia controller’s update period was too short. Therefore, it has been extended by exactly one year until the last day of 2024. The option to activate the Bluetooth function of the Stadia controllers was offered in January as a farewell gift to owners. While the controller works with a cable, it is clear that Bluetooth is a very useful feature. Even if we don’t use the controller, at least we can sell or give it away so that it doesn’t just accumulate dust.

Thus, if Google has extended the support, it’s because there may actually be a large number of these abandoned controllers that haven’t been updated. Anyone who hasn’t updated their controller nearly a year after the firmware release is unlikely to think about updating it during the next year of validity, but at least Google provides the option. It’s also not very attractive from a sales standpoint since they can be purchased for 15 euros. In this way, perhaps most users have stored it until it eventually becomes a nuisance and ends up in the trash.

It is also worth considering that it wouldn’t be surprising if the vast majority of users with a Google Stadia controller received it as a gift. For example, there was a time when Google gave away the controller along with the Chromecast if you were subscribed to YouTube Premium. Since then, I never used that controller except for its update.

The controller updates quickly by accessing a website.

The update that adds Bluetooth connectivity to the Google Stadia controller is quick and easy to implement. All you need is to connect the Stadia controller to a PC via a USB cable. Once you have the controller connected, with at least 10% battery, you must go to the specific website to update the controller. However, you must do this from the Google Chrome web browser.

Once you meet the requirements, the website will guide you through all the necessary steps to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your controller. After this, you can pair it wirelessly with any compatible device.

This information was first reported by El Chapuzas Informático.

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