ALLPOWERS Slashes Prices on All Portable Power Stations for Christmas

ALLPOWERS Slashes Prices on All Portable Power Stations for Christmas

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ALLPOWERS reduce el precio todas sus estaciones de energía portátil por Navidad

If you’re in search of a portable power station, you should be aware that ALLPOWERS has lowered the prices on all of their power stations and even their solar panels to celebrate the holiday season. So, if you’re looking for a product of this kind or simply browsing out of curiosity, here are some of the deals available.

You can find a variety of types and prices, starting with a basic model that can provide up to 200W of energy with a capacity of 154Wh (41,600mAh) for 99 euros. For that price, you’ll get a 41,600mAh battery capable of supplying up to 200W of power. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a model that can deliver up to 4,000W of power to support work tools or serve as the perfect complement to a caravan or country house.

Some examples of the ALLPOWERS portable power stations on sale include the ALLPOWERS S300 for those on a budget. With a battery capacity of 288Wh (78,000mAh), it can deliver up to 300W of power (supporting 500W peaks) and is perfect for camping, working in a garden or country house, or keeping on hand in case of frequent power outages in your area.

This power station is both portable and functional with dimensions of 206 x 165 x 110mm and a 4kg weight. The ALLPOWERS S300 can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously, offering up to 6 hours of autonomy for a small 40W portable fridge. It features two Schuko sockets, various USB and USB-C ports, and DC outputs, and allows you to monitor autonomy and power output through the screen or mobile app.

The best part? Its price is only 169 euros until December 25th, or you can pay in three installments of 56.33 euros. For an additional 71 euros, you can add a 100W solar panel for a plug-free charging option.

In addition, we have the ALLPOWERS R4000 at 4,000W with a 3,600Wh battery capacity. This station allows you to use a 1,500W air fryer for over 2 hours or a 1,300W microwave for 2.5 hours. Besides its greater power and autonomy, it features a touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, voice control, and a built-in UPS function with a delay time of less than 15 milliseconds – making it an ideal choice for offices and small businesses.

These portable power stations use high-quality LiFeP04 batteries designed to work daily for 10 years. The accompanying electronic components are industrial-grade, with an ECO mode, charging capabilities for electric vehicles, solar panels, combined charging options, or standard plugs or plug plus solar panel.

Prices for these powerful stations have been reduced from 3,599 euros to 2,999 euros. With a 400W solar panel, it will cost 3,399 euros, while the 600W solar panel will set you back 3,599 euros. You can check out all the offers on the official website.

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