Android 15 will display your phone's battery health to let you know when it's time for a replacement

Android 15 will display your phone’s battery health to let you know when it’s time for a replacement

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Android 15 mostrará la salud de la batería del móvil para saber cuando toca reemplazarlo

When the first Android phones were released in 2008, no one anticipated how far they would come. At that time, iPhones were dominating Android in terms of fluidity and performance, leaving the latter as significantly inferior smartphones. However, over the years, Android has evolved, and both its performance and features have become quite comprehensive. Next year, Android 15 will arrive, and one of the most significant new features it will bring is the ability to display the health of our mobile battery, letting us know if it’s a good time to replace it.

Every electronic device that uses batteries will have a lifespan determined by charge cycles. You may already be familiar with this concept since battery health is a clear indicator of when we should replace the battery or the device itself, for smartphones and laptops. We often find that the battery in our new mobile phone or laptop doesn’t last as long as it used to, regardless of whether we just bought it a few weeks or months ago.

Android 15 will allow us to check our mobile battery’s health at any time

This question can cause headaches, as battery life will never remain constant. To put it into perspective, adding any program or application (even running in the background) can greatly impact battery life. That’s why, if we’ve recently downloaded a new app on our mobile, it could be the culprit, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the battery is dying. Battery health is represented as a percentage, and we assume 100% when it’s completely new and providing the full capacity as advertised.

However, as we use the device and consume charge cycles, this percentage will decrease. It’s essential to consider our mobile battery’s health, as this allows us to confirm whether the battery is the reason (or not) for shorter battery life. Google plans to implement a feature that allows us to see our battery health at any time, which will be helpful for most people.

This function has been spotted in Android 14 but is still incomplete

As seen in the image, this feature will be called “Battery Health” and will be found in the mobile’s settings menu. Depending on the brand, it’ll be located in different places. For example, on Google Pixel devices, it’s under Settings-About Phone-Battery Information. This will display the number of completed charge cycles, giving us an idea of battery life based on the average 300-500 charge cycles for mobile phones. Furthermore, the Battery-Health section will provide more details, and it is expected to show a percentage.

For example, if we have a Google Pixel 8 with a 4,575 mAh battery and a 90% battery health, this means the current capacity is approximately 4,118 mAh. So far, all of this comes from the latest Android 14 update, and there are still many details to be added. As a result, mobile battery health is not expected to be displayed in this version but rather in Android 15. This future version of the operating system is expected to arrive during the third quarter of 2024.

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