Experience the Ultimate Cooling Power of Streacom SG10: A Massive Passive Heatsink Chassis at €1,000

Experience the Ultimate Cooling Power of Streacom SG10: A Massive Passive Heatsink Chassis at €1,000

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Streacom SG10: chasis que actúa como un enorme disipador pasivo que parte a un precio de 1.000€

Streacom announced the launch of a new chassis, the SG10. This company’s chassis stands out for its dual function. In addition to housing your hardware, the chassis itself is a massive passive cooling system. This means having a high-performance PC that is 100% silent. However, this SG10 also supports the installation of fans to significantly improve temperatures. As a result, it loses its real function, but you also pay for an almost exclusive and eye-catching product. This, naturally, translates to a very high price.

Depending on your needs and, of course, your budget, the Streacom SG10 is available in two versions: one made of aluminum and another more expensive option made of copper. The copper version promises to cool an Intel Core i9-13900K and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 passively. In summary, this chassis can handle a TDP of up to 250W for the CPU, while it is more limiting for the GPU with its 350W capacity. This implies that it would not be able to manage the cooling of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 unless you undervolt or add fans to the chassis. Regardless, it boasts the ability to create the world’s fastest passive PC.

Here’s what a unique chassis like the Streacom SG10 offers

For the Streacom SG10 to deal with these high TDPs, the chassis integrates a Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) system. In short, this is a water cooling system that operates passively and without any mechanisms. Basically, the coolant is inside the heat pipes. When it heats up, it evaporates. It travels through the pipes as steam until it reaches a colder area where it condenses, turns into colder liquid, and evaporates again when in contact with the heat generated from the chip. This completes the circuit.

Both the CPU and GPU have their own LHP system. You can choose between an “economical” version with two aluminum radiators or the “expensive” version with two copper radiators. The heat pipes pass through these radiators, which cool the coolant. You can install fans on these radiators if you want to significantly improve performance. The company indicates that adding fans will improve temperatures by 20%.

This chassis also stands out for allowing you to install an ATX motherboard or even two Mini-ITX motherboards. Thanks to the modular “X-Frame support,” you can freely adjust the X and Y position of the motherboard.

Other information and, of course, its dreaded price

The Streacom SG10 provides access to an I/O panel that you can place wherever you like. This panel includes a glass button for turning on the device, two USB 3.0 ports next to a USB-C port. Additionally, you can purchase an extra module that adds two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet connector, and an HDMI video output for easy front panel connections. Regarding the design, you’ve probably noticed it’s focused on maximizing your room’s airflow. Now let’s talk about the painful part – the price.

The Streacom SG10 goes on sale at a price of 1,000 euros in black or silver. For 1,200 euros, you can get the Streacom SG10 Copper Edition, meaning with copper radiators. The copper model will be available for sale in May 2024, while the aluminum model has no release date yet.

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