Apple Employee Confirms Surge in iPhone 15 Pro Repairs Due to Battery Issues

Apple Employee Confirms Surge in iPhone 15 Pro Repairs Due to Battery Issues

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Un empleado de Apple confirma un aumento de reparaciones del iPhone 15 Pro por problemas de batería

Apple is the world’s most valuable company thanks to its high sales and profits from each transaction. It is one of the few companies that can afford to charge higher prices than its competition and surpass them in terms of units sold. In the case of the iPhone, it is one of the best-selling mobile phones, even though it has Android rivals that can match or surpass Apple’s latest model. However, things are not going as well as one might hope, as an Apple employee has confirmed an increase in defects in the iPhone 15 Pro, such as swollen battery issues.

With the launch of the iPhone 15 last September, we saw a new generation of mobile phones with various new features. The standard iPhone 15 was not like the 14 (which was practically a copy of the 13), as in this case, the A16 Bionic SoC from the Pro version was used, along with improvements in performance and RAM. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max introduced a new titanium frame, which supposedly offered greater resistance, but after some tests, it managed to break the phone.

An Apple employee says iPhone 15 Pro devices are more prone to manufacturing defects

In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a periscopic camera was offered, achieving only a 5x optical zoom because Apple itself said it was more stable in that way. Meanwhile, companies like Samsung have been able to include a 10x optical zoom in their Galaxy devices without many issues. Despite these issues, the iPhone 15 Pro was launched, and problems quickly arose. You might remember how the initial tests of the device showed that it reached high temperatures.

This resulted in stuttering in games and, in general, affected the device in all aspects. However, there were more problems, as cases of iPhone 15 Pro devices with swollen batteries were reported. Now, months after those incidents, we continue to see more affected users. One of them even posted about their iPhone 15 Pro experiencing a swollen battery after just three months of use. In the post, it is mentioned how they contacted an Apple Store employee, who stated the iPhone 15 Pro devices were prone to defects like that.

Since Apple has not created a replacement plan, those affected rely on the warranty for a substitution

Generally, Apple employees should not reveal such details. Furthermore, when FineWoven case issues were happening, workers had to avoid telling customers about the rapid wear and tear. With the iPhone 15 Pro, these defects seem to have occurred due to a problem with the supply chain. It may have affected a specific batch of devices since reviews do not mention anything about this issue.

Although there has been an increase in posts related to iPhone 15 Pro problems, Apple has not commented on the swollen batteries. Therefore, if you have purchased an iPhone and are affected, you will have to rely on the warranty and repairs offered by the brand.

This information comes from an article titled “An Apple employee confirms an increase in iPhone 15 Pro repairs due to battery issues,” which appeared first on El Chapuzas Informático.

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