Apple Goes Big on Augmented Reality: Introducing Vision Pro 2 in 2025, Featuring 4 Models, One at Half Price!

Apple Goes Big on Augmented Reality: Introducing Vision Pro 2 in 2025, Featuring 4 Models, One at Half Price!

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Apple apuesta a lo grande por la Realidad Aumentada: Vision Pro 2 en 2025, con 4 modelos, uno a mitad de precio

Virtual reality (VR) glasses first appeared about a decade ago as commercial models on PCs, with the Oculus Rift DK1 in 2013. Later, we saw the emergence of augmented reality (AR) glasses, which maintained the real-world environment while adding virtual objects for interaction. Lastly, we have mixed reality glasses, which combine the best of both worlds. The Apple Vision Pro is expected to be the most advanced model, but it will be expensive and sell in limited quantities. As a result, Apple is preparing the Vision Pro 2 with four models for 2025, including a more affordable version.

When Apple officially announced its Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, everyone knew they would come with a high price tag. Prior leaks indicated that the company would sell them for around $2,000 to $3,000, but the official announcement revealed an even higher price of $3,499.

Apple plans to release a total of 4 models for the Vision Pro 2, with the second generation reportedly in the works. The new lineup will include four models, two of which have already been confirmed. One will target the high-end market, while the more affordable version is expected to cost 50% less than the current Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro includes two Micro OLED displays capable of 4K resolution per eye, housed within an aluminum frame and glass front, giving them a ski goggle-like appearance. They feature dual speakers with spatial audio technology in each ear for increased immersion. Inside, a powerful M2 chip and Apple R1 SoC manage the camera, LiDAR, microphones, and other functions. The operating system, VisionOS, promises to be user-friendly for those accustomed to Apple’s platforms.

The high price of the Apple Vision Pro may deter the majority of customers, but the second generation is set to change that. According to DigiTimes, Apple will release four models, one of which will be significantly more affordable. This budget version of the Vision Pro will be made with components costing 50% less than the current model.

The cheaper Vision Pro 2 will only cost half as much to produce, but does not guarantee a 50% price reduction for consumers. Knowing Apple, it’s unlikely the company will suddenly release glasses priced below 800 euros, as it has a history of selling products at higher prices compared to competitors. In this sector, there aren’t many rivals, with the Meta Quest 3 being the most recent mixed reality glasses launched at a reasonable price.

Of the remaining three models, one will cater to the high-end market, similar to the first-generation vision Pro. Apple is also planning to develop AR glasses akin to Meta’s Smart Glasses. Production of the second-generation Vision Pro glasses is set to begin in the second quarter of 2024, with a launch scheduled for sometime in the second half of 2025.

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