Apple Unveils iOS 17.2: Featuring New Journal App, Action Button Translation, and Spatial Video Captures

Apple Unveils iOS 17.2: Featuring New Journal App, Action Button Translation, and Spatial Video Captures

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Apple presenta iOS 17.2 con su nueva App Diario (Journal), traducción para el botón de acción y capturas de vídeo espacial

Last night, Apple released its latest version of the world’s most famous smartphone operating system. As previously leaked, Apple iOS 17.2 comes loaded with exciting new features and bug fixes, as the Cupertino giant had to address a series of lingering issues, which were not resolved in the minor 17.1.2 update. With this new iOS 17.2 release, you can update your phone right away.

The update brings a multitude of new features, along with the necessary bug fixes. Notably, it resolves issues with wireless chargers in Toyota and BMW vehicles, which had been causing problems with NFC functionality.

Apple iOS 17.2 introduces new features and enhancements specifically for the iPhone. The most significant addition is the Journal app, designed to help users reflect on their everyday experiences and record treasured memories. Early reports indicate that users are enjoying this app, so let’s dive into all the new features and changes in iOS 17.2:


The new Journal app allows users to document their daily experiences, from mundane moments to major milestones, so they can practice gratitude and improve their well-being.

Writing suggestions intelligently cluster outings, photos, workouts, etc., into memorable moments that can be easily added to your journal.

Filters enable quick retrieval of bookmarked entries and those containing attachments for reviewing and reflecting on key life moments.

Scheduled notifications keep users on track with writing routines by reminding them to journal at desired days and times.

Journal entries can be locked with Touch ID or Face ID.

iCloud-synced journal entries are encrypted to maintain privacy.

Action Button

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max’s action button can be configured to quickly translate phrases or engage in conversation with someone in another language.

Camera Enhancements in iOS 17.2

Spatial video recording is now possible on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing users to relive memories in three dimensions through Apple Vision Pro.

The camera’s telephoto lens on these iPhone models now focuses more rapidly, better capturing small objects in the distance.


Users can jump straight to the first unread message in a conversation by tapping the date in the top-right corner.

The “Add Sticker” option in the contextual menu lets users quickly add stickers to messages.

Memoji bodies’ shapes can be modified.

Contact key verification displays automatic warnings, and contact verification codes help those facing exceptional digital threats confirm the identity of the person they’re talking to.


Precipitation details include daily forecasts for rain and snow for up to 10 days.

New widgets offer information on expected precipitation in the coming hour, the day’s weather forecast, sunrise and sunset times, and real-time data such as air quality, wind chill, and wind speed.

A static wind map provides current conditions, and a dynamic map for the next 24 hours is available if wind is forecasted.

An interactive lunar calendar allows users to easily check the moon’s phase on any given day.

Bug Fixes and Improvements in iOS 17.2

AirDrop has been updated, providing more options for sharing contacts and enabling the sharing of boarding passes, movie tickets, and more just by bringing two iPhone devices close together.

Apple Music’s favorite songs playlist offers quick access to these tunes.

Users can disable “Use play history” in a Focus mode’s settings, preventing played songs in the Music app from being added to recent playback or impacting recommendations.

A new digital clock widget enables quick time checks on the home screen or when the device is in sleep mode.

Autofill functionality has been updated to identify and fill in fields on PDF documents and other forms using contact names and addresses.

New keyboard layouts are available for eight Sami languages.

Sensitive content warnings for stickers in the Messages app prevent users from unexpectedly encountering explicit content.

Qi2 charger compatibility has been added for all iPhone 13 and 14 models.

A fix has been implemented for wireless charging issues in certain vehicles.

Apple has rolled out the iOS 17.2 update to all compatible devices (starting from iPhone 10 XS onwards) and should be arriving today.

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