China Nears Ultimate Virtual Reality with MTVerse XR: Stream Content for VR, AR, and MR using Moore Threads GPUs

China Nears Ultimate Virtual Reality with MTVerse XR: Stream Content for VR, AR, and MR using Moore Threads GPUs

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China se acerca a la Realidad Virtual definitiva con MTVerse XR: streaming de contenido para VR, AR y MR mediante las GPU de Moore Threads

We all know and accept that the United States leads the semiconductor and technology industry. This is where major companies such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA are located, designing cutting-edge processors and graphics. Countries like China are limited by US restrictions, so they must manufacture local hardware and software to become less dependent on the Americans. One of China’s most well-known GPU companies, Moore Threads, has announced MTVerse, which provides the ability to stream high-quality, low-latency XR content to its GPUs.

For some time, the United States and China have been battling over the chip industry, as the Americans banned the Chinese from acquiring high-end hardware. Although initially, these restrictions were due to fears that China would advance too much in AI, they eventually extended to all types of chips. For example, NVIDIA cannot sell its GPUs in China, and ASML cannot market its lithography machines.

Moore Threads announces MTVerse XR for streaming applications and virtual reality games on its GPUs

China may lag behind technologically, but that does not stop it from making progress. Moore Threads is a company that develops GPUs, and it became known in the West for its MTT S80, a GPU that could be imported even if not sold here. Some acquired it for reviews and tests, revealing its poor performance. Although decent in terms of TFLOPs and computing power, this was not the case in gaming. Gradually, the company improved the drivers, leading to significant performance enhancements.

Just a month ago, we saw Moore Threads release its MTT S4000 GPU with 48 GB of VRAM, the most powerful to date with 4096 MUSA cores. Now Moore Threads has announced the virtual reality suite MTVerse XR for streaming OpenXR-based applications to XR devices. Essentially, it allows their GPUs to use this software to function on XR devices, such as virtual reality and augmented reality glasses. Moore Threads’ GPUs do not have their own API for this, so this method will allow compatibility with these peripherals and applications.

MTVerse XR supports H.265 and resolutions of up to 3K per eye

According to Moore Threads, MTVerse provides the ability to stream XR content with low latency and high quality. To give an idea, XR content is defined as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), so it includes everything. Transmission can be done via USB 3.0 cable or directly wirelessly with Wi-Fi, and it also includes the ability to sync audio and video in the cloud.

One advantage cited by Moore Threads is the use of low-latency codecs, supporting H.265/HEVC as well as the older H.264/AVC, and resolutions of up to 3K per eye. MTVerse XR includes optimizations aimed at this type of content, featuring technologies such as Super Resolution, Anti-Glare, Point Rendering, and Bit Prediction, to improve quality and prevent discomfort. Finally, a list of recommended games to test with Moore Threads GPUs has been provided, including VRChat, The Lab, Tetris Effect: Connected, OhShape, and Resonite.

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