XPG combines air and liquid CPU cooling: supports up to 280W in a compact size

XPG combines air and liquid CPU cooling: supports up to 280W in a compact size

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XPG combina un disipador de CPU por aire con una líquida: soporta hasta 280W en tamaño compacto

XPG, ADATA’s gaming subsidiary, showcased a patented hybrid CPU cooler at CES that combines air and liquid cooling. Unlike traditional solutions, this CPU cooler incorporates all the elements of a classic CPU cooling system, along with an AIO liquid cooling system.

In other words, the classic tower-style design features both an air cooler and a water radiator and pump, yielding a hybrid cooling solution. Interestingly, this is the second cooling system we have seen at CES. However, there are some differences, as last night we saw an MSI FROZR LIQUID, which performs the same function as this cooler but is focused on cooling a PCI-Express 5.0 SSD to avoid known overheating issues.

This XPG hybrid prototype seamlessly combines air and liquid cooling for a CPU. Thanks to images from Wccftech, it appears like a standard CPU cooler, with the fan masking the hybrid design implemented by XPG. This is an early prototype from the company, so if it hits the market, the visual design may change dramatically. Specifically, the cooler’s radiator acts as the liquid radiator, where a configuration of two 120mm PWM Vento Pro fans is attached. These high-performance fans are manufactured by Nitec. This Push & Pull configuration will help to further reduce CPU temperatures.

There is a sort of “module” on the top where the water pump is located, responsible for moving the coolant through the radiator. Like air cooling systems, the radiator is traversed by several copper heat pipes. This cooling system is capable of supporting Intel and AMD processors with a TDP of up to 280W. This means it can even be used in HEDT CPUs like the Intel Xeon or AMD Threadripper. Of course, it can also be part of a compact gaming rig with a high-performance CPU.

XPG states that a hybrid cooling system like this has some advantages. It is not only smaller and lighter than an AIO, but it is also more efficient than an air cooling system. They also added that it is compatible with LED RGB lighting, although this will have little effect on temperature.

This hybrid cooler could potentially provide the best of a 120mm liquid cooler, being very compact, while offering improved cooling performance. However, as with everything in life, this comes with a cost. If a €50 air cooler provides good temperature performance, it may not make sense to pay more than double for marginally better cooling that doesn’t provide any significant benefits. Ultimately, it is a prototype like the MSI solution. What is clear is that modern hardware has more cooling challenges, and hybrid cooling systems are emerging as a way to address these problems.

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